The 8 Best Art Kits of 2021

Art is a fantastic creative outlet that is suitable for people of all ages. Moreover, it is something you can have fun with regardless of your skill level. That being said, it can sometimes be difficult to know what all you need or what mediums you will enjoy, especially if you are new to art. That is where art kits come into play.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the best Art Kits of 2021

Criteria for Choosing the Best Art Kits

If you go looking for art kits, you are sure to find quite a few. However, even if they have similar art supplies, they are not all the same. Therefore, when choosing art kits for this list, a few things were kept in mind:

  • Quality: The art supplies do not necessarily have to be top of the line. After all, some kits are meant for beginners, so you are looking for something inexpensive to start exploring the different mediums. However, the art supplies that are included should hold up well and function properly.
  • Accessories: You can buy individual art supplies without a problem. However, an art kit should come with both the art supplies and accessories you need to get started, giving you everything you need. The art kits on this list have a number of mediums and accessories to get you going.
  • Storage: An art kit is not complete without a decent storage case or container. While there is no specific requirement, it is best that it is durable and allows you to keep your kit together and organized.

When selecting the art kits for this list, plenty of things were considered, but the above are the most important. After all, a comprehensive, high-quality kit with a durable storage case checks a lot of boxes. From there, it is about preference and mediums.

The 8 of Best Art Kits of 2021

Many of the art kits out there have a variety of basic mediums, especially if they are targeted towards beginners. However, there are also specialized art kits and those that have special mediums that are not included in the common kits. Listed below are a variety of art kits that focus on different skill levels and mediums.

Cra-Z-Art Creative Artist Studio, 250 Pieces

The first art kit on the list is from Cra-Z-Art, and they call it a studio for a reason. This kit features 250 pieces, including chalk and oil pastels, mini colored pencils, watercolor cakes, fine line markers and mini markers, crayons, a brush, a drawing pencil, and a pencil sharpener. There is even a 24-page artist pad for your creative needs.

This art kit also has a convenient storage case with a handle, making it easy to keep everything together and take it with you. It truly allows you to work with whatever medium you want whenever inspiration strikes. Moreover, it is meant for ages four and up, so it can be safely used by young artists.

  • The kit is expansive, with over 250 pieces
  • There are multiple mediums to experiment with and use
  • There is a 24-page artist pad included
  • Everything can go into the storage case
  • It can be used by young artists

  • The mini items are more difficult to use
  • There are some issues with items falling out of the case when it is open

US Art Supply 162-Piece Deluxe Mega Wood Box Art Set

This art kit is a fantastic choice for beginners or people who want to experiment with a few different mediums. It contains 162 pieces in total, including colored pencils, drawing pencils, oil pastels, watercolor cakes, and an extensive amount of wax crayons. It even has things like mixing trays, a sharpener, a ruler, and an eraser.

However, the kit does not stop there. It has an additional 15-piece brush kit, a plastic palette, and a color mixing wheel to help beginners get their footing. It even features three different pads suited to the various mediums. Moreover, it is mobile and appealing due to the wood storage box.

  • The set has a total of 162 pieces
  • It has everything a beginner needs to get started
  • There are three pads that suit different mediums
  • The wood storage box is attractive and keeps the kit together

  • There are a lot of wax crayons compared to other things
  • The quality of some of the art supplies could be better

Falling in Art Beechwood Tabletop Easel Set

Another type of art kit comes from Falling in Art, and it is focused on acrylic paints. The first thing that makes this a great kit is the beechwood easel box. It acts as an easel, but it also has a storage drawer with three compartments. Additionally, it has an imitation leather handle that makes it a great kit for those who want something mobile.

The set has 12 acrylic tubes, which cover all of your bases. Moreover, there is a varnished wooden palette and a mini plastic palette to mix as needed. It even includes a set of brushes and canvas panels to get you started. It is a great choice if you need a starter set or if you just want something small and portable.

  • The beechwood easel box provides a place to work and plenty of storage space
  • There is a handle on the case, which is great for traveling
  • There are 12 acrylic tubes to get you started
  • It comes with two different types of palettes
  • There is a set of brushes and some canvas panels

  • There is not that much storage space
  • The paint itself is not that great

Cra-Z-Art Wooden Art Set, 78 Pieces

Cra-Z-Art returns with a smaller set this time. However, while this art kit only has 78 pieces, you still get a lot. It includes markers, crayons, colored pencils, oil pastels, and watercolors. There are even things like a sharpener, paintbrush, and palette to make sure you can start using your art supplies right away.

Additionally, the case that the art supplies come in is mobile and secure, having metal closures to keep it from spilling open and a handle for mobility. It is even recommended for ages four and up, making it a fantastic choice for young artists, just like the rest of Cra-Z-Art’s products.

  • There are a variety of art mediums included in the kit
  • It has the accessories you need to get started
  • The storage case is mobile and secure
  • It is a good set for young artists
  • There is an easy-to-use color chart

  • There are quite a few crayons compared to other things
  • It does not include paper or an artist pad

Cra-Z-Art Ultimate Art Tub, 130 Pieces

While all of Cra-Z-Art’s kits are great for young artists, the one featured here is a bit different. Instead of offering the same mediums that most art kits include, it has some unique things that make it worth checking out. It has the same colored pencils, but the crayons are jumbo, and the markers are washable. It also comes with an artist pad.

However, where this kit stands out is the addition of sidewalk chalk and glitter glue. It is the kind of art kit that can be used in a lot of different ways, and it all comes in a portable, durable tub that can be used inside or outside without a problem. Plus, it is a lot easier to clean up when all you have to do is dump things into the tub.

  • There are some unique mediums in this art kit
  • The markers are washable
  • It comes in a durable tub
  • The tub makes cleanup easy
  • It is a great option for young artists

  • There are other art kits with higher quality supplies

Arteza Art Set

The Arteza art set featured here takes things up a notch when it comes to quality. It also offers a variety of mediums, starting with graphite, watercolor, and colored pencils. There are also both regular and metallic watercolor cakes. Additionally, oil pastels and Inktonic pens round out the kit. You cannot forget about all the accessories, either.

The case is high-quality as well, offering a great place to store your art supplies. Plus, unlike many of the art kits mentioned previously, it includes a range of paper to match the variety of art supplies, including a mixed media pad, a watercolor pad, a drawing pad, and a black DIY frame sketch pad. It has a little bit of everything.

  • The art supplies are high-quality and cover many mediums
  • It comes with all of the accessories you need to dive right in
  • There are multiple pads meant for different mediums
  • The case is sturdy and looks great

  • It comes with a higher price tag

Arteza Acrylic Painting Art Set

Arteza makes an incredible acrylic painting art kit as well, and it has the same high-quality art supplies as the kit above. However, it focuses on a single medium, and it gives you a variety of things to use. It all starts with 37 acrylic paint tubes, with 36 being 22ml tubes of various colors and one being a 120ml tube of white paint.

The kit also features acrylic markers and the accessories you need, from a palette and palette knives to 12 brushes. Then there are the various surfaces. The kit comes with wood slices, canvas panels, stretched canvases, a wood panel, and multiple pads to offer many surfaces. It all comes with a sturdy carrying case as well.

  • The art supplies are high-quality
  • There are plenty of colors
  • It comes with all of the accessories you need
  • The number of surfaces provided is fantastic
  • The carrying case is sturdy

  • The art supplies and case are quite heavy
  • You have to pay a bit more for the quality and selection

Norberg & Linden XL Drawing Set

While sketching can be as simple as grabbing some paper and a pencil, if you want to delve deeply into the medium, it takes a lot more than that. The art kit featured here is perfect for those who want something focused on sketching, and it starts with a graphite pencil set and a 100-page sketch pad.

The kit has a lot of specialty tools as well, including an ultra-soft all-graphite woodless pencil, charcoal pencils, and graphite and charcoal sticks. You even get varying degrees of hardness. Additionally, there are a ton of accessories, from the basic erasers and sharpeners to blending stumps and an art knife.

  • Everything in the kit is high-quality
  • It has everything you need to delve deeply into sketching
  • The carrying case is lightweight and convenient
  • The price is fantastic for what you get

  • The kit is not safe or suitable for young artists
  • It does not have a white chalk pencil

How to Shop for a Best Art Kit

If you have decided that you want to get an art kit, whether it is to add to your collection or start your journey, you will have to sift through a lot of different kits. However, it becomes easier if you keep the following things in mind while shopping:

  • Intended User: Is the kit for a young artist? Is it for a beginner or someone with experience? These questions are important because they help narrow down the options considerably. If you want something for a young artist, then it needs to be safe. Plus, some art options are easier to use. The same applies to beginners.
  • Mediums: What do you want to use? If you are looking for a basic art kit that includes a variety of mediums, there are plenty available. However, if you are someone looking to delve into a specific medium, you will want to find a more specialized art kit.
  • Materials: You generally get what you pay for with art supplies. If you are just looking for a simple kit to experiment with, you can pick up something relatively inexpensive. But if you have a higher demand for the quality of your materials, you will have to go with a higher-end kit.

There are plenty of art kits out there, and many of them vary in subtle ways. A beginner might not need the same supplies someone experienced needs, and specialized kits might have accessories and surfaces that general kits will lack. Therefore, it is important to know what you need and shop for a kit that suits you.

In Conclusion 

Art is always a worthwhile pursuit, and buying an art kit can make getting everything you need easier. Even if you are experienced and already have supplies, it can expand your collection. Just make sure that you look around and find something that suits your needs when choosing an art kit.

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