The 8 Best Clipboards of 2021

Clipboards do not get much exposure, but they are widespread, especially in places where people need to write without a table or on the go. There are even numerous types of clipboards that suit different environments. Some even have multiple purposes. The goal of this article is to introduce some of the best clipboards out there.

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Criteria for Choosing the Best Clipboard

The most basic clipboards are simple, consisting only of a flat writing surface and an attached clip. However, there is a lot more to most clipboards than that. And, even if you only look at the most basic clipboards, they are not all created equal. Here are the reasons that the clipboards on this list were chosen:

  • Surface: The surface of the clipboard is very important. It needs to be flat and smooth so that it is easy to write, but it also needs to be durable since any damage could compromise the ability to write on top of it.
  • Clip: The clip is important for a few reasons, with the most basic being because it holds the paper in place. However, how much paper can it hold, and how firm is the grip? Both of those were important when choosing the clipboards for this list. Additionally, the clip should not damage the paper that it is holding.
  • Mobility: There are a lot of clipboards out there, and not every one of them is lightweight. However, no matter what type of clipboard it is, there is a need for it to be mobile and easy to use. Otherwise, it defeats the original purpose of a clipboard.

There are other things that were considered when choosing items for this list, especially for some of the more unique clipboards. However, these were the main considerations for every single clipboard chosen.

The 8 of Best Clipboards of 2021

Although the clipboards that most people think of are simple, only having a flat writing surface and a clip, there are various choices available. In order to make it easier for you to choose the ideal clipboard for you, many different styles of clipboard have been included on the list below.

Universal Hardboard Clipboard

When it comes to clipboards, one of the most common types of materials is hardboard. Hardboard is used in a lot of things as a substitute for wood, so you get a great deal of durability out of it without having to pay a significant price. Plus, since it is dense and smooth, it makes for a great writing surface.

The clip used on this clipboard is also of good quality, with it being able to hold quite a number of pages without a problem. That being said, it is meant for standard pieces of paper. The good news is that Universal sells quite a few hardboard clipboards, including those with increased height for longer pieces of paper.

  • Hardboard is lightweight and easy to carry around
  • The material is dense and smooth, making it a great writing surface
  • It is durable and will last for quite a long time
  • The price for a hardboard clipboard is very low
  • The clip is durable and can hold a high number of pages

  • The clip has the potential to damage paper
  • The construction is cheaper than most other options

Business Source Shatterproof Clipboard

If you like the idea of an inexpensive, lightweight clipboard but do not want to go with one made of hardboard, plastic is a great option. More than that, this high-impact plastic clipboard is shatterproof, making it ideal for long-term use in many environments. Plus, it is still an incredibly lightweight option that does not cost much.

There is more to this clipboard than that, though. It is also exceptionally smooth, making it a great writing surface. Moreover, it has a protective sheath that will help prevent paper damage. It even has a convenient hang hole that allows you to put it up for everyone to see or keep it out of the way when it is not being used.

  • It is a lightweight option that is very mobile
  • The plastic is shatterproof, making it suitable for various environments
  • The surface is smooth and easy to write on with any writing instrument
  • There is a protective sheath to protect the paper being held
  • The hang hole is out of the way and very convenient

  • It does not hold as many pages as some of the other options

Saunders Cruiser Mate Aluminum Storage Clipboard

Not every clipboard is simple, using a single flat surface with a clip attached. In fact, there are a lot of options out there, including this mobile workspace from Saunders. This clipboard is made from durable, recycled aluminum, and it features solid construction with a vinyl finish. The clip is heavy-duty as well, holding a significant number of pages.

However, what makes this clipboard stand out is the storage space that it offers. There are two storage compartments that offer a great deal of space to keep forms and supplies organized. It also features a self-locking latch that keeps everything nice and secure. There is even a built-in pen tray in the lower compartment.

  • It provides the flat writing surface and high-capacity clip that you expect
  • It is made from durable, recycled aluminum
  • There are two storage compartments for forms and supplies
  • The self-locking latch keeps everything secure

  • It costs a significant amount more than ordinary clipboards
  • It is bulky compared to many other clipboard choices

Business Source Anodized Aluminum Form Holder

Another clipboard with significant features is the one featured here from Business Source. Unlike the previous entry from this brand, it offers far more than a simple writing surface and clip, starting with sturdy aluminum construction. Of course, it is just as smooth as any other good clipboard, providing a smooth surface for you to write on.

This clipboard also features an interior writing plate that will protect the files and documents within, making it a good choice for those transporting important items. The steel clip also ensures that the files are not damaged. There is also enough storage space to contain up to 30 sheets of paper.

  • It is made from sturdy aluminum material
  • There is an interior writing plate for further protection
  • The steel clip is durable and does not cause any damage
  • There is enough storage space to hold 30 sheets

  • The clip is on the inside, which can make writing a bit more difficult
  • It is a bit pricey for what it does

Maped Helix Two-in-one Dry Eraser Clipboard

While you might never have considered the combination, this two-in-one dry-erase clipboard is incredibly useful. At first glance, you will notice that it is made out of sturdy plastic, which gives it a nice weight and durability. The dry-erase board is high-quality as well, with the top-notch finish allowing you to write and erase with ease.

The flat dry-erase board also serves as a great writing surface for anything held by the clip at the top. Speaking of the clip, it should not be ignored since it can hold up to 200 sheets of paper. Additionally, you will notice a convenient hang hole that lets you use this versatile clipboard in a variety of ways. It even comes with a dry-erase marker.

  • It is a clipboard and dry-erase board all in one
  • It is made out of durable materials that will not break easily
  • The dry-erase board has a high-quality finish
  • The clip can hold up to 200 sheets of paper

  • Paper that is clipped on might pick up marker from the board

Officemate Portable Storage Clipboard Case

While there are some versatile options on this list, none of them can compare to the versatility of the clipboard featured here. In fact, calling it a mere clipboard might not be enough. It is actually a clipboard, a briefcase, and calculator all in one, which makes it an extremely convenient choice in a lot of different situations.

The entire thing is heavy-duty, so you will not need to worry about it falling apart. It also features various things to make your life easier, including an ergonomic grip and built-in pockets for easy storage. Additionally, the calculator is powered by solar, so you do not need to worry about running out of batteries. Plus, it provides a smooth writing surface.

  • It is a clipboard, calculator, and briefcase all in one
  • The material is durable and will not break easily
  • There is an ergonomic grip
  • There are multiple built-in filing pockets
  • The calculator uses a solar-powered battery

  • The clip is a bit weak
  • It does not hold up to drops as well as some options

PM Company ICONEX Preventa Pen Antimicrobial Clipboard

If you have a problem keeping up with pens, or if you simply want to keep everything together for simplicity’s sake, then this clipboard was made for you. As you might expect, it has a fantastic clip and features a smooth writing surface, but there is also a pen attached to it by a reinforced cord that can stretch up to five feet.

Another great part about the pen is that it has an ergonomic grip that makes it easy to use. It can also be refilled with ink when it runs out. However, as great as the pen is, the Agion antimicrobial technology featured in this clipboard is amazing as well, with it suppressing the growth of things like algae, mold, mildew, and bacteria.

  • The material is durable and has antimicrobial properties
  • There is a pen attached directly to the clipboard by a reinforced cord
  • The pen has an ergonomic grip and can easily be refilled
  • The base and pen can fold down when needed

  • The material of the clipboard itself is not that durable
  • The price is a bit high for what you get

Vaultz Whiteboard Locking Storage Clipboard

The final item on this list wears a lot of hats, serving as a secure storage place, a whiteboard, and a clipboard. And it does all of those things very well. The whiteboard provides a space to jot notes or draw, and the high-tension clip makes it easy to store papers on the front. You do not have to worry about the clip damaging the paper either.

The case portion of this clipboard is also exceptionally useful, providing plenty of storage space and featuring a pen loop and mesh pocket. It can even be locked with a key for increased security. On top of everything else, this multi-purpose clipboard is high-quality and will last a long time.

  • It functions as a storage case, whiteboard, and clipboard
  • The whiteboard is easy to write on and erase
  • The high-tension clip has no problem holding papers without causing damage
  • The case features a pen loop and mesh pocket
  • It can be locked for increased security

  • The price is high if you only want a clipboard
  • The papers held by the clip risk being stained by marker

How to Shop for a Best Clipboard

  •  want to make sure the material will not shatter, crack, or dent when dropped. What about water? If you are around water, you might want a material like plastic over hardboard.
  • Clip Capacity: Another thing that you need to think about is how many sheets you need the clip to hold. While there are a lot of situations where a clip only needs to hold a few pages, that is not always the case. Moreover, the number of sheets a clip can hold can vary greatly between clipboards.
  • Size and Orientation: Size and orientation are two things that you need to think about as well. Size refers to the length. While most clipboards will be around 11 inches, there are longer options. Additionally, there are landscape-style clipboards available if you have a need for one.

You also need to think about things like storage space. A lot of the clipboards on this list have space to store things. So, if you like the idea of having a convenient storage option, then you should consider that when buying a clipboard.

In Conclusion 

When it comes to clipboards, they can be very simple things. However, just because they can be simple does not mean they have to do. Therefore, when you are looking at clipboards, make sure to consider some of the more unique options available.

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