Cute Office Supplies for 2021

If there is one thing that is certain about ordinary office supplies, it is that they are dull, pursuing efficiency above all else. However, if you take a look, there are options that are far cuter and more vibrant than the mundane supplies most people know. The goal of this list is to introduce you to some of the cute, colorful office supply options out there.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the Best Cute Office Supplies of 2021

Criteria for Choosing the Cute Office Supplies

The office supplies on this list were chosen for a few reasons, with the most obvious being their appearance and appeal. However, despite the goal being to introduce cute office supplies, it was equally important to choose effective items that do not falter compared to other, less exciting options. Therefore, these things were considered:

  • Color: Office supplies cannot stray too far from their intended purpose, so color is a lot of what separates boring office supplies from something more vibrant. Therefore, when looking at office supplies for this list, color played a large role.
  • Design: Design can make something cute, but it also plays a part in the effectiveness of office supplies. Therefore, when looking for items to put on the list, how they are designed was something that was carefully considered.
  • Performance: While these office supplies were chosen because they are cute, that only matters as long as they work well. You do not want something that looks great but cannot function. Therefore, all of the items on this list are not only cute but highly effective.

There is little else that needs to be considered aside from the looks and the performance. In fact, as long as they work well, everything else comes down to preference.

The 8 of Best Cute Office Supplies of 2021

There are a ton of office supplies out there, and competition is fierce. Even when you are talking about cute office supplies, there are quite a few brands that make vibrant and exciting office supplies. Listed below are some of the more exciting items out there, and all of them have a performance that matches their pleasing aesthetics.

Elmer’s School Glue Disappearing Purple

The first item on this list is Elmer’s glue, but it is a different type of glue than the classic white that is familiar to most people. It is purple, which makes it easy to see when you are applying it and adds a touch of color to an otherwise boring part of your office supplies. Though, fear not, it dries clear, allowing anyone to use it in any environment.

Another great part about this glue is that it is designed for smooth application. It is also non-toxic and acid-free, with safety being a top priority. You will also be happy to know that it can be washed off skin and out of clothes with ease. Therefore, if you want to add some color but keep things easy and safe, this purple glue is a great choice.

  • It has a cute purple color but dries clear
  • The color makes it easy to see where you are applying it
  • The glue and container are both designed to make its application smooth
  • It is non-toxic and acid-free, pushing safety to the max
  • It can easily be washed off of your skin and out of your clothes

  • The cuteness comes and goes since it disappears upon drying

Brownline Pink Floral Planner

No matter what type of office you work in, a planner is a great item to have. It will allow you to keep your days more organized, and it can be just as useful for looking back as it is for noting things down for the future. Moreover, the planner featured here has a cute and trendy floral image along with a highly organized and useful setup.

On the inside of this planner, each month has its own spread and floral image, with each day having a single block to help keep you organized. There are also 14 months total, from December to January. Additionally, the double-wire binding allows your planner to lay flat to make writing easier. It also makes the pages turn more smoothly.

  • It is a great tool if you want to organize your time
  • There are cute floral images on the cover and for each month
  • Each day of every month has a single block dedicated to it
  • There are a total of 14 months included in this calendar
  • The double-wire binding makes writing easier

  • There is no storage room for loose papers that you might want to add

Ashley Paw Shaped Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser

When it comes to office supplies, most of them are made to be as cheap and efficient as possible, which often leads to boring appearances and designs. One example of that is whiteboard erasers, which are usually dull and lifeless. However, this whiteboard eraser is different, having the shape of a paw and fun purple color that livens things up.

Of course, it still erases marks just as well as an ordinary whiteboard eraser, so you do not have to worry about that. It also has a built-in magnet, which can be a great feature if you want easy storage and even easier access. Moreover, the entire eraser is lightweight enough for anyone to use, making it perfect for anyone and everyone.

  • It is designed to have an adorable paw shape
  • It has the same erasing efficiency as other whiteboard erasers
  • The built-in magnet makes it easy to store and access
  • It is very lightweight, so anyone can use it

  • Some people have said that the magnets affect the erasing

Officemate Pink Coated Paper Clips, Jumbo, Pink

Another item that is used often but is usually dull is the simple paper clip. Although paper clips are an essential part of most offices, that does not mean that they have to be boring and unappealing. Therefore, one way to add some color and cuteness to your office is to buy colored paper clips, and these pink paper clips are a great choice.

The cute pink color is not just for appearance’s sake, though. These paper clips support breast cancer research, with 15 cents being donated with each pack purchase, giving you another reason to buy them over ordinary ones. Moreover, these jumbo clips are PVC-free and can hold as many as 50 sheets.

  • The cute color can add some brightness and appeal to your office
  • Money is donated to breast cancer research with each purchase
  • These jumbo paper clips can hold up to 50 sheets
  • They are PVC-free

  • Their large size makes them unsuitable for smaller sheets

Post-it Standard Page Flags in Dispenser, Bright Pink

If you want to mark pages but want to do so in style, then these page flags from Post-it are a fantastic option. The bright color is not only appealing but useful at catching the eye, which is great when you are color-coding or marking. Moreover, while bright pink is featured here, there are plenty of bright colors available from Post-it.

These page flags are easy to remove and reposition, sticking securely but coming off clean, which means you can reuse them as needed. The detachable pop-up dispenser is just as convenient. Each dispenser contains 50 flags, and all you have to do to get one is give it a gentle pull. It is so easy that you can do it with one hand.

  • The bright, eye-catching color is cute and functional
  • They are great for color-coding and marking
  • They can be removed and repositioned easily
  • The dispensers are easy to use, even with one hand
  • Post-it products are known for their quality

  • They curl after being used for a long time

AbilityOne SKILCRAFT Colored Copy Paper

If you want to add some cuteness to your office, then something else that you can consider is colored copy paper. It does not just come in the pink color featured here, either, with there being quite a few colors to choose between. Moreover, you do not have to sacrifice quality when you go with one of these colorful options.

This copy paper from AbilityOne is high-quality and is meant for two-sided printing in laser printers, high-speed copiers, and more. Plus, it is acid-free and of archival quality, so it will stand the test of time. Just make sure to keep some white paper around in case you need to print something pink!

  • The bright color makes the paper stand out from normal white paper
  • There are more color options than the ones featured here
  • The paper is high-quality and meant for two-sided printing
  • The paper is acid-free and of archival quality

  • Colored copy paper can make certain things unclear

Swingline NeXXt Series WOW Desktop Stapler

The Swingline desktop stapler is the next item on the list, but do not let its cute appearance fool you. This stapler performs incredibly well, with it being able to staple up to 40 sheets at once. Moreover, because of the Direct Impact technology, you do not need to worry about jams, making this a consistent stapler that will not let you down.

This stapler is truly a mix of appealing looks and fantastic performance, and it has a few features that take things even further. One of the features is a built-in staple remover, which makes it easy to get rid of unwanted or crooked staples. It also includes an adjustable anvil that allows for open and closed stapling.

  • It has an appealing pink color with a metallic finish
  • It can staple up to 40 sheets at once
  • The Direct Impact technology allows you to staple without jams
  • There is a built-in staple remover
  • The anvil is adjustable and allows for open and closed stapling

  • There have been complaints about the durability of the stapler
  • Some people have reported jamming with certain staples

Smead Colored File Folders, 1/3-Cut Tabs, Letter Size, Pink

The final item on this list is one that is very useful for organizing an office: file folders. These are present in offices everywhere, but many of them are prone to dull, boring colors. Smead changes that with a number of bright colors, including the cute pink color featured here. You can even get an assorted pack with a number of vibrant colors.

However, while they look nice, they do not sacrifice performance. These file folders are 11-point stock, which means that they are durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear. They also have 1/3-cut tabs, which means there are three tab positions to make organizing things easier.

  • They are bright and colorful
  • There are multiple colors available
  • They are 11-point stock, so they have good durability
  • The tabs are 1/3-cut

  • They do not come with pre-cut labels

How to Shop for a Best Cute Office Supplies

When you are shopping for cute office supplies, there are a few things that you should consider. However, the most important thing is to shop based on your preferences. After all, different people find different things cute. That aside, here are a few things that you should consider when shopping:

  • What You Need: The first thing you should consider is what you actually need. While you can search for anything and everything cute, it is better to choose something you actually need and then go from there. After all, for office supplies, functionality and performance are still the most important aspects.
  • Environment: What is the work environment at your office? Is it casual? If so, you might be able to pick whatever you want. However, if the environment is more professional and strict, then you will want to be subtle with the office supplies you purchase.
  • Performance: You should shop for performance over appearance. Make sure that the items you buy are going to work well. Otherwise, you probably will not keep the item for long, even if it is cute.

When it comes to buying office supplies, you need to consider who will be using the supplies as well. If it is just you, then you can afford to get whatever you want, probably. However, that might not always be the case.

In Conclusion 

There are plenty of cute office supplies out there, from those with great designs to those with bright, appealing colors. However, no matter what you do, make sure that the office supplies that you purchase are high-quality and perform well. You do not want to purchase something less effective just because it is cute.

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