The 8 Best Driving Gloves of 2021

There are many different types of driving gloves, but they all look to accomplish the same thing, which is to give you a firm grip while protecting your hands. However, if you want to prioritize protection, then you will want to look at driver gloves, which are a more durable cut of driving gloves meant for industrial and work settings.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the Best Driving Gloves of 2021

Criteria for Choosing the Best Driving Gloves

The driving gloves featured in this article are those that are meant for doing work as opposed to racing, and there are plenty of good pairs out there. However, the best gloves all have a few things in common, such as the fact that they are made from leather. There are also some other things that you see in great driving gloves, such as:

  • Thumbs: All of these gloves have thumbs, but there are different styles when it comes to thumbs. The two that are best for driving gloves that are meant for work are keystone and straight thumb styles. These styles emphasize protection, comfort, and dexterity, which makes them ideal for most situations.
  • Protection: The driving gloves on this list are those that are meant for working in, so protection is a key component. The key factor for protection is the material used. You want high-quality leather, and you want it to have a nice thickness. Of course, each type of leather is more suitable for some jobs than others.
  • Comfort: Comfortable gloves can make a huge difference, especially if you are using them for long periods of time. If they are uncomfortable, you increase the strain on your hand, which is the opposite of what driving gloves are supposed to do. Additionally, comfortable gloves will correlate to dexterity.

There are other factors that were considered aside from the above, such as the cuffs and stitching. However, as long as the gloves fit well, feel good, and provide adequate protection, it is hard to go wrong.

The 8 of Best Driving Gloves of 2021

There are plenty of gloves out there to choose from, and it can be difficult to choose the best ones if you do not know what you need. After all, there are various leathers, thumbs, cuffs, and styles that can be quite daunting at first glance. That is why this list includes a variety of gloves that are great for driving in industrial and work settings.

MCR Safety Grain Goatskin Driver Gloves

The first driving gloves on the list are from MCR Safety and are made from leather. Specifically, they are goatskin gloves. With these gloves, you will notice that they are supple and soft due to the natural lanolin. While they are incredibly soft, these gloves are also very durable. Their tensile strength and tactile sensitivity are also excellent.

Additionally, these driving gloves have a shirred elastic back, which improves comfort and ensures an easy fit. They have an appealing white color as well. These gloves also have a straight thumb style. Additionally, each order in the link featured here includes 12 pairs of gloves for groups or backup pairs.

  • They are made from high-quality goatskin leather
  • They are supple and soft due to natural lanolin
  • They are durable, with excellent tensile strength and tactile sensitivity
  • The gloves have a shirred elastic back for improved comfort and fit

  • Some people find them to be a bit small

MCR Safety Economy Leather Driver Gloves

These economy leather driver gloves are another great pair from the same brand as the previous gloves, and they are made from cowhide leather. These gloves are meant to provide comfort and convenience at a great price, and they focus on flexibility for jobs that require greater dexterity. They even feature keystone thumbs for more mobility.

The cuffs of these driving gloves are also noteworthy. The straight cuffs are color-coded by size, with the medium gloves being brown and large being beige. The color-coding makes it easy to pick the right pair if you own multiple sizes. Moreover, the stitching and durability are great, making them a great fit for things like construction and farm work.

  • They are made from durable cowhide leather
  • There is a focus on flexibility for jobs where greater dexterity is demanded
  • The keystone thumbs give more mobility
  • The cuffs are color-coded by size
  • They are durable enough for use in construction or farm work

  • They might need some breaking in

MCR Safety Unlined Drivers Gloves

MCR Safety makes a lot of great driving gloves that all suit different purposes. This pair of small gloves are perfect when you need something breathable, and they are just as soft when they are wet as they are when they are dry. Therefore, you might want to consider these if you work around water or simply want some soft, comfortable gloves.

You will also find that these gloves give you a fantastic sense of touch, which is always a nice feature. However, the reason these gloves have such great features is that they are made from pigskin, which also has the quality of being resistant to abrasions. Aside from that, they have a shirred wrist, straight thumb, and come in a cream color.

  • These gloves have excellent breathability
  • They do not become stiff when they are wet
  • They provide you with a great sense of touch
  • The pigskin material is resistant to abrasions

  • Pigskin is not as strong as some other leathers

MCR Safety Premium Grade Leather Insulated Driver Gloves

The final pair of MCR Safety driving gloves on this list have their own purpose, which is for when you need a pair of comfortable gloves for colder environments. The leather is high-quality, so you get the expected protection, but the true focus is on the fleece insulation, which will keep your hands warm and dexterous.

These driving gloves also have shirred cuffs to help with comfort and fit. They also feature a straight thumb style, which is great for keeping a firm grip comfortably. Therefore, if you are looking for a product that will allow you to keep a firm grip while driving in cool environments, these are exactly what you want.

  • They have a fleece lining that is great for cold environments
  • The leather is high-quality and provides ample protection
  • They allow for dexterity and a strong grip at all times
  • The shirred cuffs help with comfort and fit

  • They might be uncomfortable in warm or hot environments

Anchor Brand 4000 Series Cowhide Leather Driver Gloves

Another exceptional brand to consider if you are looking for gloves that focus on driving is Anchor. The driving gloves featured here are made for cowhide leather, which is tough and durable. They are also resistant to dirt and water, and they are very easy to take care of compared to other types of leather gloves.

These Anchor driving gloves feature thumbs that make them ideal for use when working with closed fists and keeping a firm grip. They also have a shirred wrist for comfort and fit while keeping out dirt and debris. The color-coded cotton hem even makes it easy to identify the size of the gloves.

  • They are made from tough and durable cowhide leather
  • They are resistant to dirt and water
  • They are very easy to take care of compared to other material
  • The thumbs make it easy to work in comfort with closed fists
  • The shirred wrists provide comfort and a snug fit

  • They can become stiff if they become too wet
  • It might take some time to break them in

Anchor Brand 4000 Series Pigskin Leather Driver Gloves

If you prefer more breathable gloves or driving gloves that work just as well in wet environments as they do dry, then you can consider these pigskin gloves from Anchor. The pigskin is porous, which is what gives it breathability. It also returns to its original softness after getting wet, whether that be from water or perspiration.

These gloves have shirred wrists as well, keeping dirt and grime out of the gloves without sacrificing comfort or a great fit. The thumbs are ideal as well since they provide a firm, comfortable grip. Plus, on top of everything else, the cotton hem is color-coded by size, just like the previous gloves, which is a convenient addition.

  • They are made out of breathable and soft pigskin
  • These driving gloves return to their original softness after getting wet
  • They have shirred wrists to keep dirt and grime out
  • The thumbs provide excellent gripping dexterity
  • The cotton hem is color-coded by size

  • There are more durable options out there

PIP Top-Grain Pigskin Leather Drivers Gloves

PIP is another name you should know if you are thinking about getting a pair of pigskin driving gloves. They use high-quality pigskin leather to make their breathable driving gloves, and you can expect the same comfort and softness from these as any other pigskin gloves out there. Moreover, they have exceptional craftsmanship.

The slip-on styling featured on these gloves keeps them comfortable without sacrificing a good fit. There is even an elastic closure sewn inside that makes them fit even better. They also have keystone thumbs, which are ergonomic and allow for less hand strain and more durability.

  • The pigskin used in these driving gloves makes them breathable
  • They work well and retain their softness after getting wet
  • They are durable due to their excellent craftsmanship
  • They have a slip-on styling and a sewn-in elastic closure
  • The keystone thumbs reduce hand strain

  • There have been some complaints about the sewing

SKYDEER Genuine Deerskin Leather Driver Gloves

There are plenty of different gloves out there, but if you prefer comfort over everything else, then you will not find anything better than these genuine deerskin gloves from SKYDEER. Deerskin is a material that is incredibly soft and provides unmatched dexterity, but it does not hold up to rough conditions as well as other leathers.

However, these gloves have plenty to offer, such as being naturally resistant to the cold. They are also lightweight and fine around water, making them a comfortable and rather versatile choice. They have double-shirred elastic wrists and keystone thumbs as well, so you will get fantastic comfort and fit. They even keep your hands sweat-free.

  • They are softer and more comfortable than most other options
  • The material is resistant to cold and water
  • They have double-shirred wrists and keystone thumbs
  • The internal layers keep your hands sweat-free

  • They lack durability
  • They are more expensive than most options

How to Shop for a Best Driving Gloves

Driving gloves are an important purchase, providing comfort, protection, and a firm grip. However, it can be a bit difficult to pick the right pair until you consider a few things, such as:

  • Size: The size you need is the first place to start. You want to pick the perfect size for a few reasons, including comfort. If you buy gloves that are too small, you risk increased hand strain or an inability to put them on. If the gloves are too large, they might slip and reduce dexterity or allow debris in.
  • Environment: You should consider the environment you work in when you are buying driving gloves. If it is cold, you will want insulated gloves or leather that is resistant to cold temperatures. If the work or area involves water, pigskin and other water-resistant materials will be ideal. Environment means a lot for gloves.
  • Material: The material of the gloves you buy is important for a lot of reasons, with how it deals with your environment having already been mentioned above. However, certain materials are also more durable and puncture-resistant than others. Some material takes longer to break in, while others are not as tough.

There are other factors you will want to consider when buying gloves, such as things like the cuff and thumb styles. But as long as you consider the above, you will not have any problem finding a great pair of gloves that suits your needs.

In Conclusion 

There are plenty of driving gloves out there, but if you want a pair that provides extra protection while you are driving, you will want to go with driver gloves, which are meant for industrial and work settings. Just make sure that they fit properly and provide as much comfort as they do protection.

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