The 8 Best Erasers of 2021

When you are writing or drawing, whether it be for school, work, or pleasure, you are bound to make mistakes. However, mistakes are easy to fix, especially if you are using a pencil or something similar. All you need is a good eraser. The goal of this article is to introduce you to some of the best erasers out there to help correct those errors.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the Best Erasers of 2021

Criteria for Choosing the Best Erasers

Erasers seem to be rather simple. Most of them share similar shapes, and using them is as simple as rubbing them across the spot you wish to erase. But there are a few things that set the truly good erasers apart from the rest, such as:

  • No Smudges: It is important that an eraser does not leave smudges behind. The purpose of using an eraser is to get rid of a mistake, so leaving smudges can be said to defeat the point. All of the erasers on this list have been chosen because they are non-smudging.
  • Design: The design of an eraser means a lot when it comes to how effective it is. Many erasers use a rectangular shape because it allows you to use the flat part on large areas and the edges for detailed work. Additionally, some are easier to grip than others, while some have casings.
  • Quality: Something else that was considered when choosing erasers for this list was their overall quality. This includes a few things, such as how well they hold together during use and a lack of chemicals. Additionally, the amount of residue left behind was also considered when thinking about the quality.

There are plenty of things that make a good eraser. Aside from the above, many of the choices on this list are latex-free. Of course, things like price and size were also kept in mind when picking erasers for this list.

The 8 of Best Erasers of 2021

The best eraser is an effective one, and every one of the erasers on this list has that covered. Not only are they all effective, but they are high-quality and come at a good price. Moreover, there are a variety of designs below, so you can find one that fits your needs.

Ticonderoga Dixon Latex-free Pencil-shape Eraser

The first erasers that are worth taking a look at come from Ticonderoga, which is a brand known for making high-quality school and office supplies. The erasers featured here are no different, providing you with a product that can remove mistakes without leaving any smudges behind. The pencil shape makes them easy to control as well.

Additionally, Ticonderoga pays attention to every part of their erasers, with these being latex-free and safe to use in any environment. They are also certified to be non-toxic, which protects young users. Moreover, the box contains 36 erasers, which makes them a great option if you are looking for something for an entire classroom or office.

  • The high-quality erasers make corrections without leaving smudges
  • The shape of the erasers makes them easy to control
  • They are latex-free and certified to be non-toxic
  • The pack has 36 erasers and can be used for an entire classroom

  • The shape can sometimes make detailed erasing difficult

Pentel Clic Eraser Grip Eraser

When you are erasing something, control is vital, especially if you are doing detailed corrections. This Pentel eraser is a great choice when you want to have exceptional control along with a high-quality eraser. The eraser is capable of removing lead without scuffing, smearing, or tearing, and it is housed in a plastic barrel that protects it.

The eraser lasts a long time as well since it is longer than your average eraser. Plus, it is easy to extend the eraser out of the barrel, with the pocket clip allowing you to advance or retract it with a click. It is a safe choice as well, with the cushioned grip being latex-free and the eraser being non-toxic. You can even buy eraser refills

  • The design makes it excel at dealing with detailed erasing
  • The eraser does not scuff, smudge, or tear
  • There is a plastic barrel protecting the eraser
  • The pocket clip allows you to advance or retract the eraser with ease
  • The eraser is non-toxic, while the cushioned grip is latex-free

  • It is not the best choice for erasing large surfaces
  • If too much pressure is applied, the eraser retreats into the barrel

Pentel Hi-Polymer Eraser

When it comes to making corrections without leaving any traces behind, there are few that can compete with these hi-polymer erasers from Pentel. They remove lead easily, not even requiring you to apply much pressure, which is great when you are dealing with delicate paper or erasing often. They are even latex-free and non-toxic.

These erasers are shaped like blocks, so you can cover large areas with flat sides. It also means that you can use the corners and edges to make detailed corrections. They also come in assorted colors and include protective sleeves that keep them clean. You can even buy in bulk if you want since they do not crack or harden over time.

  • They erase lead easily, without requiring much pressure
  • They are latex-free and non-toxic
  • The block shape makes them a versatile choice
  • The protective sleeve keeps them clean
  • They do not crack or harder with age

  • The medium size is a bit small for some people

Prismacolor Design Kneaded Rubber Art Eraser

There are no other erasers that can match the versatility of a kneadable eraser. The reason they are so versatile is that they can be molded into any form that works for you, allowing for maximum effectiveness and comfort. Of course, you have to work them if you want to get the shape perfect, but they are long-lasting and trustworthy erasers.

Among kneadable erasers, Prismacolor makes one of the best, and it is particularly good for artists since it works with pencil, charcoal, chalk, and pastel. It can also help with blending and shading, though if you are simply looking to remove something, it does that just as well.

  • It can be molded into the best shape for your needs
  • It lasts a long time and is quite durable
  • The eraser can deal with pencil, charcoal, chalk, and pastel
  • It is an effective tool when used for shading and blending

  • It can take a lot of kneading and work to get it where you need it
  • It only shows maximum effectiveness when used with light marks and layers

Prismacolor MAGIC RUB Eraser

Prismacolor does not only make erasers for artists. Their MAGIC RUB eraser is another of their products that is highly effective and worth considering. It is designed to remove graphite and India ink, and it does so without leaving smudges, leaving the surface clean and neat. Plus, between the body and corners, it can deal with any level of detail.

This powerful eraser is made from vinyl, and it is completely latex-free, which is always welcomed. Additionally, it has an off-white color that keeps it from looking too dirty after being used. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable eraser that can lift some of the most heavily applied marks with ease, consider the MAGIC RUB

  • It is a highly effective eraser that can deal with the toughest marks
  • The eraser absorbs graphite and erases India ink
  • The soft latex-free vinyl deals with marks without leaving smudges
  • The off-white color does not appear dirty after being used

  • Some people have complained about it having a strong smell

Paper Mate Pink Pearl Eraser

The Paper Mate eraser featured here is what many people imagine when they think about the classic eraser. It is pink, it is soft and pliable, and it has a rectangular shape with beveled ends. However, it is not just the look that the Pink Pearl does right. This eraser is effective, working hard to remove pencil marks without causing damage.

The Pink Pearl is self-cleaning and smudge-resistant as well, making it an ideal choice for those who want consistent results. Additionally, the erasers featured here are their large erasers, which are capable of dealing with large areas and small details with ease. They are even latex-free.

  • The beveled ends allow you to deal with detailed erasing
  • The eraser is soft and pliable, which prevents it from tearing paper
  • The Pink Pearl is self-cleaning and smudge-resistance
  • There is no latex in the eraser
  • The size makes it great for large areas or small details

  • There tends to be residue left after erasing
  • The large size is not significantly bigger than any other eraser

Paper Mate Arrowhead Eraser Caps

If you want something that can be used without taking up space on a small desk, or if you simply want a replacement for a worn-down pencil eraser, then Paper Mate’s arrowhead eraser caps are what you should consider. They easily slot onto the pack of a pencil, and they are made from high-quality rubber to deliver smudge-free corrections.

These arrowhead eraser caps are also great if you want to make sure that you do not tear your paper. Moreover, you can get 144 of them for a great price, so they can be stored and used slowly or shared with a classroom or office easily.

  • They can be slotted onto the back of a pencil
  • They allow you to make corrections without leaving smudges
  • They do not tear your paper when erasing

  • There is a tendency for the end of a pencil to break the eraser
  • They leave a good bit of dirty residue behind

Helix Universal Gom Stick Eraser Classpack

The final eraser on this list comes from Helix, and it combines some great features together to provide a convenient tool for correcting any written mistakes. It starts with the most important thing, which is a soft eraser that will do the job without tearing, scratching, or smudging.

However, the eraser is only one of the great parts of this Helix product. The innovative part is the case, which has a self-locking slider that makes it easy to push out more of the eraser without risking accidental slippage during use. The wide grip also gives a good deal of control, allowing you to make detailed corrections.

  • The eraser is soft and does not tear, scratch, or smudge
  • The case has a self-locking slider for convenient use
  • The wide grip gives the user a lot of control
  • It does not contain PVC or phthalate

  • It is difficult to find good replacement erasers for the cases
  • The self-locking slider can be troublesome to use at times

How to Shop for a Best Eraser

If you are looking for an eraser, the first thing you need to ensure is that the eraser that you are choosing will get the job done without leaving smudges. All of the erasers above can do that, and there are plenty more out there. However, there are some other things you should consider when shopping for erasers, including:

  • Purpose: Why are you buying an eraser? Do you need something for basic erasing, or do you want something to help with artwork? Some erasers work better in some places than others. Moreover, erasers with defined edges tend to do small, detailed work well.
  • Hand Size: You should consider your hand size when choosing an eraser. While it might not matter in all circumstances, you want an eraser that is large or small enough to fit comfortably in your hand. How good of a grip you can get will change the experience.
  • Material: There are various materials used in creating erasers, so you should be aware of what type of material is used in the erasers you buy. You should be especially careful if the eraser is for a child or there are any latex allergies in the area you will be using it in.

There are other things that you might want to consider as well, such as what type of marks you plan on erasing and the softness of the eraser.

In Conclusion 

A good eraser is a key tool when you are trying to ensure that something looks its best, and while there are quite a few choices out there, it is not hard to find a good one if you know what you need. Just make sure you pick one that is comfortable and easy to use.

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