How To Organize Cleaning Supplies

how to organize cleaning supplies

Reducing Cleaning Supply Clutter

Everyone who uses cleaning equipment or has many cleaning supplies in their home needs to know how to organize them. If you’re the kind of person who does all sorts of clean-up around the house, chances are your sink, countertops, and other surfaces are strewn all over the place. This is especially true if you don’t wash your sink often. What can you do?

The best way to arrange your supplies is to use storage space that is specific used for your cleaning supplies. Whether it’s a large cabinet you have at home or a closet in your kitchen, this will serve two purposes. It will keep all of your things organized and out of sight. However, you will also need an excellent way to see which supplies you need to use when you need them. One suggestion is to use a wire rack that hangs from the ceiling. A robust frame that can hold a full load should be your choice.

A closet is another option, whether it’s one or several shelves. 

Storing Bathroom Supplies

Store all toiletries in the cabinet. However, don’t put all of your items in the cabinet as daily use items should be stored in a place that is easily accessible. If you have an oversized bathroom sink or multiple sinks, you may need more storage space, too. Add decorative containers to put your hand soaps and sanitizers on your sink along with other toiletries.

Storing Cleaning Supplies

Keep all of your cleaning supplies safe. It’s essential to keep them separated, so they are easy to find if needed. However, you should still be able to reach them if necessary to clean the sink or counter. For example, if you use a sponge with dishwashing soap in the kitchen, it should be within reach from the waist level. You will reduce frustration as you won’t have to bend over to pick up the things you need.

Organizing Wall Space

Double-sided tape is handy to hang items on the wall. Try to use something durable that will hold up to the weight of the supplies, such as a poster board. You may also want to use some weight-bearing wire that is strong enough to hold up to the weight of the poster board.

Handy Storage Containers

A shoe organizer will be perfect for small pantries, linen closets, and other often-overlooked spaces. You can use a shoe organizer to hang up small items like shampoos and conditioners or small containers, such as a shaving cream can or jar of hand sanitizer. A wooden crate makes a great addition to any closet. Line the crate with wire for smaller items, or leave it as-is for oversized storable items.

Make sure to use our expert tips the next time you are overwhelmed with the clutter in your house. 


  1. Put all non-daily items in storage
  2. Use containers for daily-use items and group them together
  3. Keep items that are used often within reach and easy to access locations
  4. Use wall space

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