The 8 Best Humidifier Filters of 2021

Humidifiers can be the difference between comfort and misery, especially in drier areas and during certain times of the year. However, while they are useful for regulating comfort, they can also cause problems if they do not have effective filters. The goal of this article is to introduce you to some of the best humidifier filters on the market.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the Best Humidifier Filters of 2021

Criteria for Choosing the Best Humidifier Filters

There are a few types of humidifier filters, which usually depend on what type of humidifier is being used. Many of the humidifiers out there will use wick filters, but there are those that do not have traditional filters. However, regardless of what type of filter is being used, there are a few things that a good filter needs to be able to do:

  • Clean: The main requirement for a filter is that it keeps everything clean. What this means is preventing the growth of bacteria, mold, and fungus. It is important that the expelled moisture is something that you want to breathe in.
  • Absorb: Another property of a good filter is that it absorbs unwanted minerals, preventing white dust and other debris from making an appearance. This property is particularly important for those who use hard water.
  • Last: Not every filter needs to last for a long time, but you do not want a filter that goes bad quickly either, especially if it is a costly one. Therefore, when choosing the filters for this list, the lifetime of each filter was kept in mind.

Another thing that was considered when choosing the filters on this list was the compatibility of the filters. While some are meant for specific humidifiers, others are usable with a range of humidifiers. Additionally, things like price and durability were taken into consideration.

The 8 of Best Humidifier Filters of 2021

There are a vast number of humidifiers on the market, and there are even more filters to consider. After all, while brands have their own filters, there are also choices from other brands that work with those models. The filters listed below are some of the best choices available, and they cover various humidifiers and filter types.

Honeywell Humidifier Replacement Filter for HCM-750

The Honeywell HCM-750 is a potent humidifier, and the filter that goes in it is just as noteworthy. To start with, this filter is easy to replace, and you will have no problem returning your humidifier to its best condition. However, what makes this filter truly special is how effective it is at removing minerals and pollutants from the water.

This filter does its job well, and it also has a ProTec antimicrobial treatment that inhibits 99.99% of mold growth and mitigation. With this filter, you will not have to worry about fungus or bacteria, either. It even utilizes air filtration technology. Plus, the filter is made to last a long time, maintaining efficiency and requiring replacement less often.

  • It is effective at removing minerals and pollutants from the water
  • It has ProTec antimicrobial treatment
  • It is effective against mold, fungus, and bacteria
  • The air filtration technology allows for additional filtration
  • The lifespan and efficiency of this filter are both high

  • It is only meant for a single series of humidifiers
  • Some find the humidifier it works with to be loud

Holmes “C” Humidifier Filter

One of the best humidifier filters on the market belongs to Holmes, whose humidifiers sit near the top when it comes to effectiveness. The filter featured here is their “C” filter, which works with the HM1865, HM1895, SCM1866, and SCM1985 humidifiers. In fact, it is required for them to operate, and there is a good reason for that.

The “C” humidifier filter is powerful, starting with the antimicrobial treatment that helps it prevent the growth of mold, fungus, and bacteria. It also improves a humidifier’s overall performance, ensuring that dry air becomes moist and pleasant. Moreover, it has three layers, which control debris such as dust and dirt, preventing them from spreading.

  • It works with several different Holmes humidifiers
  • There is an antimicrobial treatment to stop mold, fungus, and bacteria
  • The filter improves the performance of the humidifier
  • There are three layers to prevent the spread of dust and dirt

  • It is a rather expensive filter
  • The lifetime of the filter is a bit short

ProTec Humidifier Filter Replacement, Wicking Replacement Filter

If you are looking for an effective but versatile filter, then you should consider the ProTec filter featured here. It is compatible with a long list of humidifiers, including those from brands like Vicks, Kaz, Sunbeam, Enviracaire, and ReliOn. In fact, it works with over 15 humidifier models, and it does so without losing to more specialized filters.

The ProTec filter removes minerals and pollutants from water, just like other filters. It is also treated to prevent the growth of mold, fungus, and bacteria. Plus, it has been reinforced to give it a longer lifespan at maximum efficiency. You even get three filters in a pack, which are not only reasonably priced but guaranteed to last for quite some time.

  • The filter works with a variety of brands and humidifiers
  • It removes minerals and pollutants from water
  • It inhibits the growth of mold by 99.99%
  • The reinforced design increases its longevity

  • They are stiff and can be difficult to maneuver

Durabasics 4 Pack of Premium Humidifier Filters

These filters are meant to be used with Honeywell units, and they fit most of the HCM and HEV series humidifiers. The reason these filters are worth paying attention to is their rigid construction, which improves the structure, making them highly absorbent and preventing them from sagging.

The Durabasics filters featured here also do everything you expect from a top-quality filter, such as dealing with white dust, hard water, small debris, dirt, and pet hair. That being said, they suggest flipping the filter every day and avoiding hard water if you want the filter to last as long as possible.

  • They fit a wide range of Honeywell humidifiers
  • The filters have a rigid, durable construction
  • The design is optimized to maximize moisture output
  • They come at a great price

  • They do not provide as much humidity as some filters
  • They lack antimicrobial treatment

Vornado MD1-0002 Replacement Humidifier Wick (2-Pack)

If you are looking for a humidifier with a great filter, then you can consider going with Vornado. The filters featured here are fantastic, and they fit into the EVAP1, EVAP3, Model 30, and Model 50 evaporative humidifiers from Vornado. They are high-quality wick filters that are 1.5 inches thick and easy to install and replace.

While there are other filters out there that fit into their products, the genuine Vornado filters fit perfectly, allowing the humidifier they are used with to work at maximum efficiency. Moreover, these wick filters have an antimicrobial treatment, which keeps your humidifier and the mist it expels clean and healthy.

  • They work with several Vornado humidifiers
  • They are made using high-quality materials
  • They are easy to install and replace
  • The antimicrobial treatment keeps the humidifier and mist clean

  • They have a rather high price per filter
  • They only last 4-8 weeks
  • Some people find them to be overly delicate

Vive Mini Humidifier Filter Replacements

Vive makes a mini humidifier that is great for your travel needs, and they sell some terrific filters to go along with it. With the filters featured here, you get eight for an incredibly low price, and they are made to last for up to 90 days per stick. That means you are getting around two years’ worth of filters.

These filters are not only compatible with Vive, either. They work with any humidifier that uses 5 x 0.25-inch filters. Moreover, the durable cotton used to make them means that they last a long time while providing superior moisture wicking. On top of everything else, they are easy to replace, especially if you are using a Vive humidifier.

  • They work for a long time before needing to be replaced
  • They are compatible with humidifiers that use 5 x 0.25-inch filters
  • The cotton is durable and provides superior moisture wicking
  • The value for the money is outstanding

  • They do not have an antimicrobial treatment
  • Some people have found them to be too long

Honeywell ProTec Humidifier Water Treatment

The water in a humidifier is important, and it needs to be treated, especially if the humidifier does not rely on traditional filters like those above. That is where these humidifier filters come into play. Instead of being installed, these cleaning balls can be directly dropped into the water tank to provide adequate treatment.

While they are not the same as a traditional filter, they take care of the same problems as wick filters. These cleaning balls kill bacteria that cause odor and protect against mold. Moreover, they work for 30 days without needing to be replaced, so you can drop them in and forget about it. They can even be used in all humidifiers.

  • They only need to be dropped into the water tank
  • They prevent the growth of bacteria and mold
  • They work for up to 30 days
  • They work in all humidifiers

  • It is hard to tell when they stop working

HoMedics Ultrasonic Demineralization Humidifier Replacement Cartridges

When it comes to ultrasonic humidifiers, HoMedics is a brand you should pay attention to. Not only do they make great humidifiers, but their demineralization cartridges are great filters that target hard water build-up, mineral deposits, white dust, and odor. Plus, each cartridge lasts anywhere between 30 and 40 uses before needing to be replaced.

These filters work with any HoMedics ultrasonic humidifier that has a tank that is 0.5 gallons or larger. However, they do not only work with HoMedics humidifiers, working with other ultrasonic humidifiers as well. Just make sure that any filter you decide to use it in has an opening that the 1.8 by 0.9-inch pellet can fit through.

  • They work against hard water, mineral deposits, white dust, and odor
  • Each cartridge lasts for between 30 and 40 tanks of water
  • They work in a range of humidifiers
  • All you have to do is drop them in the tank

  • One cartridge is not always enough for a humidifier
  • Their efficiency drops on high humidifier settings

How to Shop for a Best Humidifier Filters

While there are a lot of great humidifier filters out there, picking out the best choice is a bit difficult. Therefore, when you are shopping, there are a few things that you should consider along with the overall quality, including:

  • Humidifier Type: If you already have a humidifier, then you will have limited options when it comes to filters. Of course, there are exceptions, especially when it comes to humidifiers that do not use wick filters, which can usually use a variety of treatment options. Just make sure that things are compatible.
  • Water Type: The type of water you are using is also important when choosing a filter. If you are using hard water, then you need to make sure the filter can handle it. Additionally, if the water you are using might not be that clean, you want something that can inhibit bacteria and mold.
  • Value: One of the most important things when choosing a filter is knowing the value. After all, a more expensive filter that does not last long or do a great job might not be as good of an option as buying distilled water and using a cheaper filter.

If you already have a humidifier and are looking for a replacement, you should have no trouble shopping for a great filter. Just make sure to take a look at all of the compatible options available to find the filter that will get the job done the best.

In Conclusion 

Buying the best filter is highly dependent on what type of humidifier you are using. That being said, you should keep in mind that the best choice might not always be buying replacement filters from the same brand as your humidifier. The most important thing is that the filter is effective.

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