The 8 Best Plastic Bowls of 2021

Bowls are a staple when it comes to places like kitchens, cafeterias, and break rooms. They serve to hold snacks and meals alike, and they are especially useful when liquids are involved. However, having to wash dishes is not always ideal. Fortunately, there are plenty of sturdy disposable plastic bowls out there, which will be explored in this article.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the Best Plastic Bowls of 2021

Criteria for Choosing the Best Plastic Bowls

When it comes to plastic bowls, the first thing to note is that there are two main types of plastic bowls, which are those that are disposable and those that are not. The focus of this article is disposable bowls. With that being said, the things that were considered when choosing the best disposable plastic bowls for this list are the following:

  • Durability: While these bowls are meant to be disposable, there still needs to be a sufficient amount of durability involved. Otherwise, the bowls will not be able to stand up to certain food. There might also be accidents if the bowls are too fragile. Therefore, the durability of all of the bowls on this list was considered.
  • Stability: Stability is also a vital part of any good plastic bowl. While this does refer mainly to how stable it is on a flat surface, which is mainly dependent on the base, that is not all. The ability to move a bowl, especially one full of liquid, is also important, making things like the rims an important consideration.
  • Price and Quality: These bowls are ultimately meant to be disposable, so they should not be too expensive. However, some plastic bowls are meant to be more substantial than others, using heavier plastic. The design also plays a role, with certain bowls being high-end. So, the price-to-quality ratio was considered.

There were other considerations as well, such as the design. As mentioned with price and quality, certain bowls are meant to be high-end compared to others. These often have a more intricate and elegant appearance. Additionally, convenient features and things like depth were also kept in mind when selecting the plastic bowls for this list.

The 8 of Best Best Plastic Bowls of 2021

When it comes to choosing plastic bowls, there are a lot of options available. Not only are there different brands with varying levels of quality, but there are many sizes, colors, and designs as well. While that can make it difficult to find the perfect bowl, numerous options are listed down below to give you a helping hand when making your choice.

Tablemate Plastic Dinnerware, Bowls, 12oz, White

Tablemate is a brand that you should keep an eye on if you want to buy some basic plastic bowls. Their bowls are completely white and constructed to be sturdy and reliable. Moreover, they are deep enough to be used for a number of things. However, what really makes them a good choice is the value you get for the price.

Another thing you should note is that these round bowls do not only come in the 12oz size. Tablemate also sells 5oz bowls identical to the ones featured here, which are just as sturdy and reliable as the 12oz bowls. Additionally, while they might be a bit plain, they are exactly what you want in a disposable plastic bowl for the home or office.

  • The price for each bowl is very reasonable
  • The size of the rim makes it easy to carry when hot
  • The same bowls come in sizes of both 12oz and 5oz
  • They are sturdy when compared to bowls of a similar price

  • The design is plain

Dart Famous Service Plastic Dinnerware, Bowl, 12oz, White

The first thing to keep in mind is that the bowls featured here come in a carton with eight packs, meaning that you are getting a total of 1,000 bowls for a great price. They are also a sturdy choice, with a base that will keep the bowl from tipping or spilling easily. You even get a decently sized rim that will make it easy to carry, no matter the contents.

These bowls also have a “crystal cap” finish, which both increases their strength and gives them a China-like effect. While these bowls are also rather plain, the shine and thoughtful design make them stand out. As for sizes, there is also a 6oz version of this bowl, so you can load up and prepare for any occasion.

  • The “crystal cap” finish increases strength and appearance
  • The price per bowl is incredibly affordable
  • The base is solid, making for a sturdy bowl
  • The rim makes it easy to carry
  • There are two sizes available

  • Despite the china-like effect, they are still rather plain

Dart PresentaBowls Clear Bowls, Plastic, 12 oz

Another Dart product worth taking a look at are these clear plastic bowls, which are great when you want to be able to see what is inside. Moreover, while they can be used as regular bowls, you can also purchase lids. They are even made to be stackable, so you get high-quality clear bowls without taking up too much space.

The elegant design allows you to use these bowls however you want, making them versatile. They also have a height of around two inches, so they are plenty large enough to hold a number of items without the risk of spills occurring. Of course, you will pay more for the quality and versatility, but they are more than worth the price.

  • They are clear, allowing you to see inside
  • They can be used as regular bowls or with a lid
  • They can be stacked to save space
  • Their height helps limit spills

  • They are a bit pricey, and the lids also cost extra
  • There are more durable options

WNA Classicware Plastic Dinnerware, Bowls, Clear, 10 oz

When it comes to plastic dinnerware, WNA makes a variety of incredible products, including several types of bowls. Among those products, their Classicware is a great place to start, having an elegant and versatile design that makes it both appealing to look at and highly reliable in almost any setting.

The first thing to note is that these bowls are sturdy. While the design gives them the appearance of china, the plastic is durable, and the design choices keep them steady. The same is true of the rim, which has a nice design while providing plenty of space to grip and carry the bowl. Plus, you can get the Classicware in both white and black.

  • The Classicware has an elegant design
  • The design makes it steady
  • The rim makes it easy to carry
  • It comes in both white and black

  • They cost more than most similar plastic bowls

WNA Masterpiece Plastic Dinnerware

Another WNA product that stands out from the rest is the Masterpiece plastic bowl, which takes the focus on durability and elegance to the next level. In fact, unlike most disposable plastic bowls, this one is made from heavyweight plastic, allowing it to hold up better compared to the competition.

However, the main draw of this WNA product is still the appearance. While this durable plastic bowl is great for even the most demanding meals, its appearance does not disappoint either. It has a china-like look, with an ivory base and gold metallic accents. The goal is to provide an alternative to hand-painted china, and it does look amazing.

  • It is a beautiful piece, especially for a plastic bowl
  • The heavyweight plastic is a durable material
  • It is a great balance of high-end and disposable

  • The cost exceeds that of other disposable plastic bowls
  • The sloped design is not as easy to carry

SOLO Party Plastic Premium Dinnerware, Bowl, 12 oz, White

If you prefer something simple, then another great choice comes from SOLO. These plastic bowls are meant for a party, but they work just as well as a quick option that you can snag and use whenever. Plus, they have a nice mix of durability and elegance, having a simple design and rigid construction that makes them a solid choice.

Like with most well-designed plastic bowls, the SOLO bowls featured here are cut-resistant and non-absorbent, so you can put almost anything inside with peace of mind. Moreover, the decorative rim pattern does more than looking good, with it providing an easy way to separate dishes as well.

  • They are a good mix of durability and elegance
  • They are cut-resistant and non-absorbent
  • The size of the rim makes carrying easy
  • The decorative rim makes separating dishes easier

  • The finish is a bit dull
  • They do not stand out when it comes to price or quality

Genpak Silhouette Plastic Dinnerware, Bowl, 12 oz, Black

The Genpak plastic bowls featured here stand out for a few reasons, but the first is the color. These bowls are black instead of white or clear, which gives them a unique look compared to the other options. It also means they absorb more heat, which might be useful, depending on how you plan on using them.

Additionally, they have a stylish design that is both refined and practical. Although the designs might be the first thing to stand out, the large rim is a great choice and allows you to carry even hot food with ease. Moreover, the bowl is deep, which helps prevent spills, and the bottom is wide enough to ensure it remains stable.

  • Black dinnerware tends to absorb heat better
  • The design is both stylish and practical
  • The rim is large and makes carrying food easy
  • The base of the bowl is wide and steady
  • They come at a great price

  • They are on the thinner side

Boardwalk Hi-Impact Plastic Dinnerware, Bowl, 5-6 oz, White

While there have been a few plastic bowls on the list that also have a smaller option, these Boardwalk bowls stand out amongst the rest and deserve to be mentioned. The main reason is that they are completely free of frills, only focusing on delivering durable bowls at a low price.

Aside from being an inexpensive and effective option, they are also designed to be deep in order to prevent spillage. Moreover, despite the lower price tag, these bowls are still non-absorbent, leak-proof, and soak-proof. They even have a decent rim, which makes moving them a lot easier.

  • They are very inexpensive
  • The durability is great for the price
  • The bowl is deep enough to prevent spillage

  • The rim is fine, but it could stand to be wider
  • The overall design is incredibly plain
  • Although they are durable for the price, they are still a bit flimsy

How to Shop for a Best Plastic Bowl

Although there are plenty of plastic bowls to choose from, many of them share the same basic properties. Therefore, when you are trying to choose the best plastic bowls for your needs, you need to think about how and where they will be used. For instance, make your choice after thinking about the following:

  • Contents: What will you be putting in the bowls? Are they meant to hold basic snacks, or do you plan on putting hot food such as soup inside? If you only want to hold something simple, such as chips or pretzels, then you can pick something inexpensive. However, hot foods might demand thicker plastic and wider rims.
  • Size: Size is another important thing to consider. The vast majority of plastic bowls on this list are within the 10-12oz range, but there are other sizes out there, both smaller and larger. You might even need to get multiple sizes.
  • Appearance: One of the things that varies most between different plastic bowls is appearance. Some are meant to be purely inexpensive and disposable, coming with minimal decoration. On the other hand, there are also bowls that aim to look elegant and distinguished, despite being meant for one-time use.

The above will cover most of your bases when you are selecting plastic bowls. Of course, price is an issue as well, and it is one that you should not ignore. After all, these are disposable plates, and while you might be able to use the more durable options more than once, it depends on how you plan on using them.

In Conclusion 

Plastic bowls are a great choice if you want disposable bowls that are both durable and inexpensive. Moreover, with so many different options, you can find one to fit almost any situation. Just make sure you think ahead and pick plastic bowls that will stand up to what you plan on doing with them.

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