The 8 Best Choices for Push Pins of 2021

Pushpins are a useful item that can find a place in almost any setting, helping you make use of space that might otherwise remain empty. Moreover, they work well with a number of surfaces and allow you to present various things, such as posters and sheets of paper. You just need to know which to get, something this article will help you do.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the Best Push Pins of 2021

Criteria for Choosing the Best Push Pins

Pushpins have been used for a long time, and as such, they have been fine-tuned. However, that does not mean that every pushpin is reliable, with some of the push pins out there not doing their job well. Therefore, when choosing the push pins for this list, the following things were considered:

  • Durability: Most push pins are not meant to be disposable products. Therefore, it is important that they are durable and capable of doing their job for a long time. The main factors for durability are the quality of the material used and the overall craftsmanship.
  • Maneuverability: It might not have a huge impact in every situation, but it is important that the push pins on this list are easy to maneuver, having a head and design that allows you to move and pin them without much effort. While there are various designs with different heads, this was considered for each of them.
  • Size: Size is a tricky thing for push pins. You want the heads to be large enough to be maneuvered easily but small enough to not take up too much space, though there are exceptions. As for the pins, you want them long enough to secure what they are holding but not so long that the pins stick out.

The three things above are the main concerns when it comes to pushpins. There are other things that were considered as well, especially for the more unique push pins, but all of them are durable, convenient tools

The 8 of Best Push Pins of 2021

Now that you know how the push pins on this list were chosen, it is time to take a look at some of the best push pins out there. While most of the push pins on this list can be considered traditional, combining a durable head with a sharp steel pin, there are exceptions, such as magnetic push pins. You are sure to find something perfect for you.

Universal Colored Push Pins, Plastic, Assorted, 3/8″, 400/Pack

Universal is the maker of the first set of pushpins on this list, and they were chosen because they have a classic look. The first thing you will notice is that they come in an assortment of colors, which can add variety or be used as an organizational tool. Plus, they have a cylindrical head that is easy to grasp, making pushing and pulling easy.

The plastic heads are not just easy to use, though. They are also a convenient size, having a diameter of 0.25 inches. As for the steel pins attached to these push pins, they are 3/8 inches long, which is a great size if you are looking for a pin that will work with most standard boards and surfaces. Moreover, this 400 pack comes at a great price

  • The pins have an assortment of colors
  • They are easy to grip and maneuver
  • Their size makes them reliable and convenient
  • The steel pins are sturdy
  • They come at a great price

  • They are not the highest quality pins available

GEM Aluminum Head Push Pins, Aluminum, Silver, 3/8″, 100/Box

If you are looking for something that is both lightweight and sturdy, then you do not need to look further than these aluminum push pins from GEM. The heads of these push pins are made out of high-quality aluminum, which is the reason they are both lightweight and durable. Moreover, the design of the head makes them easy to maneuver.

These push pins are easy to use without hurting your fingers, and they are also a great size for securing things in a small amount of space, only having a head diameter of 0.19 inches. On the other hand, the sturdy steel pins are 3/8 inches, and they can be pushed into tough material with ease.

  • They are lightweight and durable
  • They utilize high-quality aluminum heads and steel push pins
  • The heads are easy to use without hurting your fingers
  • The pins are capable of pushing into tough material

  • They are a bit lacking aesthetically
  • The craftsmanship is a little sloppy

U Brands Fashion Push Pins, Steel, Gold, 3/8″, 36/Pack

There are a lot of pushpins out there, such as the ones featured here from U Brands, which look to add a little style to your board or project. They have a unique head that is in the shape of an arrow. Moreover, the design is complemented by the gold color, making it a fashionable choice that is both appealing and made to last.

These push pins are not meant to save space, with larger heads that reach 0.88 inches in size. However, the durable steel pins used are 3/8 inches, which is an ideal length. Moreover, U Brands is known to make high-quality products, so you can rest assured in the craftsmanship, knowing that these pins will do the job well.

  • The head of these push pins is unique and stylish
  • The materials used are durable
  • They have great craftsmanship
  • The pin length makes them a reliable choice

  • They have a high price tag
  • The arrow design is not the easiest to maneuver

Advantus Map Tacks, Plastic, Assorted, 3/8″, 100/Box

These push pins are mainly meant to be used as map tacks. Of course, that is not all they can do, but it does mean they have a unique spherical head that is great for marking a location. The spherical heads are convenient to work with as well, being easy to push and pull. They are also smaller than most, having a diameter of 3/16 inches.

While the small head allows you to use many of them in close proximity to one another, the standard 3/8-inch steel pin keeps them sturdy. The sharpness of the pins means that you can use them with a wide variety of surfaces as well. Moreover, there are seven colors, which can be helpful for organization and grouping.

  • The round head is easy to push and pull
  • The diameter of the head allows you to use them in close proximity
  • The pins are made of steel and are highly durable
  • There are multiple colors for things like organization and grouping

  • The spherical heads are not as efficient at securing items in place
  • Other head designs are easier to grip and maneuver

U Brands Fashion Push Pins, Wood, Assorted, 3/8″, 100/Pack

Plastic and metal are not the only choices when it comes to the heads of push pins. The push pins featured here from U Brands are made of wood, which gives them a unique look. They even come in an assorted pack of 100, with multiple shades of wood being included in each order.

Aside from the materials used, which can be a great match to any environment, they are also made to work as well as any other pins out there. The diameter of the heads is 0.25 inches, and they have a cylindrical design, which makes maneuvering them a breeze. Moreover, the 3/8-inch steel pins are sturdy, sharp, and reliable.

  • The wood heads have great craftsmanship and a nice aesthetic
  • You get several shades in this assorted pack
  • The diameter and pin length are both standard and reliable
  • The materials used are high-quality and sturdy

  • The heads are more prone to damage

Officemate OIC Giant Push Pins

While there is merit in having a smaller head on a push pin, there are times when you want to make an impact, and these giant push pins from Officemate are one way to do that. In fact, these push pins measure in at 1.5 inches, and the pins are just under half an inch in length, making them both difficult to miss and incredibly sturdy.

These push pins are not just great for adding some visual impact, though. They can also be used to hold small items or pages with a little more weight. Plus, with the larger heads, you can maneuver them with ease, pushing and pulling them without a problem. These push pins are useful, but each pack only contains 12, so you might need a few.

  • They can make for quite the visual impact
  • The longer steel pins make them a sturdy choice
  • The larger heads can be easily maneuvered

  • You do not get many for the price
  • The size can block things from sight

GEM Aluminum Head Push Pins, Aluminum, Silver, 5/8″, 100/Box

There are a lot of pushpins out there, and for most situations, a standard length of around 3/8 inches is more than enough. However, there are times when you want a pin with more length, which is where these push pins from GEM excel. They have an extended pin length of 5/8 inches, making them more secure than others.

While they have an extended length, everything else is normal with these push pins. The aluminum heads are cylindrical, and they have a diameter of 0.19 inches, which is large enough to be easy to grip and maneuver but small enough to remain convenient. Moreover, the materials used make them lightweight and durable overall.

  • The steel pins are longer and durable
  • The aluminum heads are easy to maneuver and lightweight
  • The materials used are high-quality

  • The pins might be too long for some surfaces
  • The longer pins are more prone to bending

AbilityOne SKILCRAFT Magnetic Pushpins, Assorted, 0.38″ dia x 0.5″h

While these stray from traditional push pins, they can add a traditional look to a magnetic surface, including things like magnetic whiteboards, bulletin boards, and filing cabinets. These push pins ultimately allow you to utilize space you might not have been able to before, and they are even easier to use than traditional push pins.

The heads of these push pins are cylindrical in shape, so you will not have any problem handling them. As for the magnet, which takes the place of the steel pin that most have, it is capable of holding up to six standard sheets of paper. While you only get six of these per pack, they are reliable and definitely worth looking into.

  • They work on any magnetic surfaces
  • They can hold up to six standard sheets
  • The cylindrical shape makes them easy to handle
  • There are no sharp points to worry about
  • They do not leave holes in sheets

  • They are much more costly than traditional push pins

How to Shop for a Best Push Pin

Now that you have seen some of the best push pins available, you should have a better idea of what is out there. You might even already have some in mind. Regardless, there are some things that you should consider when shopping for push pins, including:

  • Surface: What type of surface do you plan on using them with? How deep is the surface? While most standard push pins have a pin of around 3/8 inches, there are others out there. Moreover, a steel pin might not always suit your needs best, with magnetic push pins also being a viable option for certain surfaces.
  • Head Type: The head type is another thing that you should consider. There are cylindrical heads, spherical heads, and even unique or flat heads, such as the arrows featured above. While cylindrical heads are easy to maneuver, they also stick out, which might not be ideal for every situation.
  • Purpose: Are you simply looking for something to hold a few sheets up, or do you plan to use push pins for organization or marking things? Depending on your answer, you might want to go with neutral pins or an assortment of colors. It might even affect the head type and diameter you want.

While push pins are a simple tool, they can be used in a variety of ways. Moreover, depending on how and where they are used, you might want one type over another. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to choose between.

In Conclusion 

While push pins might be a simple tool, they can be incredibly useful, especially when you consider the different types of push pins. Just make sure that you consider what you plan to use them for and where you plan to use them before picking out your next set of push pins.

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