The Top 8 Whistles of 2021

There are a lot of reasons to buy a whistle, such as needing one for work to cut through noise and get attention. Emergency whistles are also a great idea, especially for those who spend a lot of time outdoors. Regardless of your reason for needing a whistle, this article will help you understand what is out there and what suits your needs.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the best whistles of 2021

Criteria for Choosing Our Top Whistle Choices

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The search for a good whistle can be a bit difficult, but it does become easier once you know what matters. In fact, there are only a few things that can be considered truly important, such as:

  • Volume: The first thing that matters when it comes to a good whistle is how loud it can get. While louder is not always better, most whistles get louder the more you blow, so you can control the sound level to an extent. However, you cannot increase the upper limit, making the max decibels important.
  • Durability: Another important factor to consider when it comes to a whistle is how durable it is. Durability is important for longevity, but it also matters because it can affect the usefulness of a whistle. You do not want to buy a whistle only to find that the sound produced decreases in a few months.

There are a lot of other factors to consider when choosing a whistle, such as how far the sound can travel and how comfortable and easy it is to use. However, the importance of those things is dependent on the reason for the whistle. As long as a whistle can produce a loud sound and is durable, it can be considered a worthwhile purchase.

The Top 8 Whistle Recommendations of 2021

There are a lot of whistles out there, but many of them are not effective enough to be considered. In order to help you find a great whistle, a variety of options have been included below.

Crown Sporting Goods SCOA-001 Stainless Steel Whistle with Lanyard

Crown Sporting Goods SCOA-001 Stainless Steel Whistle with Lanyard

There are a lot of whistles out there, but the Crown Sporting Goods whistle is a classic. It is made using stainless steel, so you are getting something that will last a long time at a low price. Moreover, it comes with a long black lanyard, which can be adjusted using the adjustment bead to sit snugly around your neck for hands-free use.

Since this whistle is made to be used during sporting events, it is quite loud. In fact, the bold and crisp sound comes out effortlessly, requiring less breath than a pealess whistle. The loud sound allows it to work well in other environments as well, standing out even in noisy environments.

  • It is lightweight and durable
  • The stainless steel will not rust or corrode
  • The lanyard allows for hands-free use
  • The pea makes it easier to use
  • It is an inexpensive choice
  • There are louder whistles out there
  • The lanyard is not that durable

Noopel Emergency Whistles

Noopel Emergency Whistles

The first thing to note is that you get two whistles for a great price with Noopel. You also get to choose between silver, gold, blue, and black. However, what makes these whistles stand out is not the price or the color options. Instead, their effectiveness makes them a great choice, with the Noopel emergency whistles reaching 120 decibels.

The loud sound produced by these whistles can travel a long distance. Plus, they are compact, so they can be kept in your pocket, on a keychain, or anywhere else for quick and easy access. You can also count on them to last, with the aluminum alloy material being strong, durable, and lightweight.

  • These whistles are strong, durable, and lightweight
  • The size makes them easy to carry around and store
  • The sound from these whistles reaches 120 decibels
  • They come in several different colors
  • The size and construction means they can only make so much noise

ZHT Electronic Whistle

ZHT Electronic Whistle

Aside from the traditional types of whistles on the market, there are also electronic whistles to consider. These whistles allow you to cut through noise and get attention without having to go through the process of blowing into something. Not only does this make it more hygienic, but it reduces the effort to the mere push of a button.

The ZHT electronic whistle takes things to the next level, starting with rechargeable batteries and USB charging capabilities. It also has three volume settings and three tones for you to choose between. There is even an LED light. Plus, it is designed to fit comfortably in your hand, making it easy to hold onto and use over long periods.

  • It is a hygienic whistle option
  • You can use it with the press of a button
  • There are multiple volume and tone options
  • There is a built-in LED light
  • It is made to be comfortable in your hand
  • It is a bit large to comfortably fit a pocket or lanyard
  • It does not quite sound like a traditional whistle
  • It is not the most durable product

Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG Official Whistle with Break Away Lanyard

Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG Official Whistle with Break Away Lanyard

Fox 40 is known for making whistles that will get the attention of anyone nearby, so they excel when used during sporting events or other loud occasions. In fact, they produce a shrill sound above 120 decibels and can be heard from around a mile away. Moreover, they do this without a pea, which cuts down on moving parts and increases reliability.

The whistle is also made out of high-quality materials, utilizing high-impact ABS plastic. Not only does the material make it impervious to moisture, but it is durable and unlikely to break, even after long-term use. Durability aside, it is even made to be comfortable during long periods of use, with the CMG in its name standing for cushioned mouth grip.

  • It produces a shrill sound over 120 decibels
  • It can be heard from up to a mile away
  • There are no moving parts
  • It is made from durable ABS plastic
  • The cushioned mouth grip is great for extended use
  • Some people find the sound produced to be unappealing
  • It requires quite a bit of effort to blow

HyperWhistle - The Original Worlds Loudest Whistle

HyperWhistle – The Original Worlds Loudest Whistle

If your goal is to produce as much noise as possible, then you will want to check out the HyperWhistle. This whistle reaches a volume of over 140 decibels, and the sound produced can reach upwards of two miles, which far exceeds most others. These features make it a great emergency whistle that can be used in noisy environments.

The HyperWhistle is so loud that it comes with hearing protectors for the user. It also comes with a lanyard to help you keep up with it. The material used allows this whistle to be used in any weather conditions as well, allowing you to use it outdoors or around the water. Plus, it is naturally buoyant and durable, so it will last for a long time.

  • It reaches a volume of over 140 decibels
  • The sound can travel over two miles
  • It includes hearing protectors and a lanyard
  • It is durable and works in all weather environments
  • The material makes it naturally buoyant
  • The design makes it a bit uncomfortable to hold
  • It takes a lot of effort to blow properly

LuxoGear Emergency Whistles

If you do not care about finding the loudest whistle and simply want an effective emergency whistle, then LuxoGear has you covered. Of course, do not think that they are not loud. The LuxoGear emergency whistles featured here reach up to 120 decibels, and they can be heard from up to a mile away. Moreover, they do this without a pea.

The lack of pea means there are no moving parts to worry about. Combining that with the durable and lightweight high-impact ABS plastic means that you do not have to worry about dropping or breaking this whistle. It also has a comfortable mouth grip and a lanyard, making it convenient to use without your hands. You even get two.

  • These whistles reach 120 decibels
  • They can be heard from up to a mile away
  • They are made with durable and lightweight ABS plastic
  • The mouth grip of these whistles is comfortable
  • The design means that you endure quite a bit of the noise
  • It takes a lot of effort to reach the high decibels

FUTURESTEPS Loudest Brass Whistle

If you are looking for a whistle that can follow you around for a long time, then getting a brass whistle is not a bad idea. The material makes it sturdy and means that it will last. Plus, FUTURESTEPS places a lifetime warranty on their whistle. It does not lose out when it comes to volume, either, reaching a max of around 100 decibels.

While it is not the loudest whistle out there, the fact that it is incredibly sturdy and waterproof is fantastic. The material and design even allow it to work while both dry and wet, and the lack of pea means that you do not have to worry about moving parts. It is made to travel with you as well, easily attaching to something like a lanyard or keychain.

  • It is made out of durable and reliable brass
  • It reaches up to 100 decibels
  • It works both dry and wet
  • The design has no moving parts
  • It is not as loud as many other whistles
  • Some people have found the brass ring to be unreliable

Coghlan’s Function Whistle

There are a lot of whistles, but few of them boast as many features as the Coghlan’s 6-function whistle featured here. So, if you are looking for a whistle that can accompany you on a trip, consider this one. After all, you get quite a few things along with your whistle, including a thermometer, magnifier, LED light, compass, and signal mirror.

Of course, the main point for the purpose of this article is the whistle, and it does not disappoint. It is a pealess whistle that is easy to use and produces a nice, loud sound. While there are louder whistles out there, the overall design is convenient, and the extra features are nice. It even comes with batteries and a small lanyard with a clip.

  • The whistle is one of six functions
  • It is easy to blow and sufficiently loud
  • The lack of pea means fewer moving parts
  • It includes batteries and a small lanyard
  • It is not as loud as some of the whistles out there

How to Shop for a Whistle

As mentioned earlier, there are quite a few things that matter when it comes to choosing the best whistle for you. However, a lot of times, it depends on how and where you plan on using the whistle. Therefore, consider these things to narrow down your options:

  • Environment: Where do you plan on using the whistle? If you only need it for casual use, you can pick almost any material and do not have to worry about the pea. However, if you will be taking it outdoors or on the water, you might want to consider getting a pealess whistle and being selective with the material.
  • Volume: The volume you need will depend on where and how you plan on using it. If you want to cut through noise at a sporting event, you will want something loud. You will also want the same in an emergency whistle, with the focus being on how far the sound can travel. However, a casual whistle can be softer.
  • Duration of Use: Another thing to consider is how long you will be using it at any given time. If you only need something in case of emergencies or for occasional use, then it does not matter how it is designed. However, for those that will be using it for a long time, such as a coach, comfort and design become important.

What makes a perfect whistle depends on the person, but there are some things to consider that will help you make a choice. Moreover, every whistle you look at should be capable of reaching a loud volume and be durable.

In Conclusion 

There are a lot of whistles out there that are not worth purchasing, but there are also many great choices as well. Just make sure that when you are looking at whistles that you select one that can reach a high volume that will not let you down, especially if you are purchasing one for emergencies.

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