The 8 Best Oil Pastels of 2021

Oil pastels are a great medium for art. With their soft, oily composition, they can be used in a number of ways and on various surfaces. Even if you simply want to practice blending, these easy-to-use tools are a great place to start. The goal of this article is to introduce you to some of the best oil pastels for letting your creativity flow.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the best Oil Pastels of 2021

Criteria for Choosing the Oil Pastels

When it comes to art, every artist will have a preference, but there are some things that make oil pastels stand out as an art medium. Therefore, when selecting the best oil pastels for this list, the following things were considered:

  • Texture: Texture is incredibly important because it plays a role in how easy it is to use oil pastels. The goal is to have relatively soft pastels, with many of them aiming for a creamy consistency. There are exceptions, but having a suitable consistency is the first step to a great oil pastel.
  • Color: Color is an obvious thing, but there are a lot of colors out there. Moreover, there are many different combinations that give different results. In fact, you can do a lot with just the base colors. So, more important than the variety of colors is the richness of the colors in a set.
  • Blending: Blending is a unique part of oil pastels. The soft texture and smooth finish make them great for blending, so it is important that they do it well. Additionally, with many sets, blending is how you get real value from oil pastels, which makes it even more important.

There are other considerations that went into making this list as well, including the designs of the pastels, the storage cases, and even the value for the price. It was also important to make sure they are all safe to use.

The 8 of Best Oil Pastels of 2021

When it comes to oil pastels, there is a lot to think about, such as how soft you want them to be, whether they should be water-soluble, and how many colors you want your set to have. In order to help you figure out what oil pastels are the best choice for you, various types have been included in the list below.

Pentel Oil Pastel Set With Carrying Case

If you are looking for high-quality oil pastels, Pentel is a fantastic choice. They sell some of the best sets out there, starting with the one featured here that contains 12 basic assorted colors that can help you get started. Plus, if you feel that you need more, they sell several other sets, including a 50-piece set that contains 45 colors.

There is more to the Pentel oil pastels, though, with each of them giving clear, rich colors that are fade-resistant and easy to blend. Therefore, even if you only go with the set of 12, you can mix them as needed. Moreover, since they are acid-free, the humidity will not be a problem, and the art you create will last a long time.

  • There are multiple sets with a range of colors and shades
  • The colors are clear and rich
  • They are resistant to fading and acid-free
  • They blend easily
  • They come at a great price

  • The carrying case is not great
  • They are known to be a bit hard

Crayola Opaque Colors Oil Pastels

Another great set to purchase comes from Crayola, which is a brand known for art supplies and beloved by many. The set featured here is made up of sixteen opaque colors that are bright and vivid. Moreover, they blend incredibly well and go down smooth and creamy, allowing you to get good coverage on your desired surface.

Additionally, these Crayola oil pastels are ideal for young artists, with the overall design making it easy for children to use them. It starts with their large size, which is easy to hold. The tight wrapping makes them easier to hold and increases their durability as well. Plus, the hexagonal shape prevents them from rolling away if they are on a desk.

  • The tapered tips make it easy to produce detailed work
  • They go down smooth and creamy
  • They can be blended easily
  • The design makes them easy to use and stable on flat surfaces
  • Their tight wrapping improves durability

  • The tips have been known to break
  • There are brands that go down on paper creamier

Sennelier Cardboard Oil Pastel Set, Multicolor

While there is plenty of oil pastel sets out there, this set from Sennelier is one of the highest quality choices that you can find. It is a luxury set meant for people with some experience. In fact, with how soft and creamy these oil pastels are, they have the potential to go quickly if you are not careful. Though, that also means they blend well.

Therefore, if you are looking for quality over quantity, then you cannot go wrong with this multicolor set. The set comes with 72 rich colors, though there are sets starting at 12 colors. These oil pastels also work on multiple surfaces, ranging from the usual paper and canvas and extending to wood and metal. Plus, they are non-toxic.

  • They are soft and creamy, making blending a breeze
  • There are 72 rich colors in the standard set
  • They work on a range of surfaces
  • They are non-toxic

  • They are expensive compared to most oil pastels
  • Their softness can make them more difficult to handle and use

Faber-Castell Blendable Oil Pastels In Durable Storage Case

You should consider these Faber-Castell oil pastels if you are shopping for a young artist. Not only is the quality great for the price, but the set of oil pastels comes in a durable, portable storage case. Therefore, you can make them easy to keep up with and great for traveling or taking to school.

This set has 24 colors, each of which features bright, opaque colors. Additionally, the fact that they are non-toxic and acid-free means that you can give them to your kids without worry, allowing them to make long-lasting artwork that everyone will love. They even have an ergonomic shape and are easy to use without making a mess.

  • They come in a durable storage case
  • The colors are bright and opaque
  • They are non-toxic and acid-free
  • The price for the set is reasonable

  • They are not very soft or soft
  • It can be difficult to properly blend them

Mungyo Gallery Soft Oil Pastels Set of 48 – Assorted Colors

If you are looking for a set of oil pastels that is great for both beginners and experienced users, then this set from Mungyo deserves a closer look. They are fantastic oil pastels that are of professional quality, offering a smooth and consistent experience that will be difficult to find anywhere else. Moreover, the price is appealing as well.

You get a lot for the price, too. The oil pastels in this set are rich and bright, and their high covering power allows you to work with them and blend them with ease. They are also low-residue, which allows you to work with accuracy and neatness. Their softness even allows for the use of different techniques to get the most out of these oil pastels.

  • They offer a smooth and consistent experience
  • They are rich and bright
  • Their softness and covering power allow for easy blending
  • The price for the quality is superb

  • The case can get a bit messy
  • The set lacks a variety of reds and pinks

Mungyo Water-Soluble Oil Pastel Set of 24 – Assorted Colors

There are a lot of oil pastels out there, and some of them are water-soluble, which means they can be used wet. If you use them wet, the pastels thin, allowing you to change things up and give your artwork a different touch. Moreover, they can still be used dry if you want to keep things simple, giving you more options.

The water-soluble oil pastel set featured here also comes from Mungyo, and just like the previous entry, they have a creamy consistency and rich colors that go great on paper. That being said, they are very soft, so they require some care when they are being used. However, if you want something interesting to play with, this 24-set is fantastic.

  • The oil pastels in this set are water-soluble
  • The set comes with 24 rich colors
  • They have a smooth and creamy consistency
  • They are easy to blend

  • The softness can make them difficult to use
  • The tips tend to break easily

Paul Rubens Oil Pastels Kit

If you are looking for a way to jump into oil pastels, there is no better choice than this kit, which comes with everything you need to start working with oil pastels. The kit begins with 48 vivid colors that can be overlaid and blended to go even further. There are even nine white oil pastels. Moreover, all of them are soft and will be easy to use in your art.

The kit also comes with five paint knives that allow you to vary your art even more. Plus, you will get 30 pieces of pastel paper that are acid-free and perfect for use with the included oil pastels. Everything in the kit is made from high-quality materials as well, being non-toxic and eco-friendly.

  • The kit comes with everything you need to get started
  • There are extra white oil pastels
  • The materials used are high-quality and eco-friendly
  • The entire kit comes at a great price

  • The container that the oil pastels come in is not great
  • The textures of the different colors are a bit inconsistent

Crayola Water Soluble Oil Pastels Classpack

When it comes to buying great oil pastels in bulk, the Crayola Classpack is what you should purchase. These water-soluble oil pastels are not only high-quality, but they are easy to work with and clean up. Plus, with this set, you are getting 300 oil pastels for a great price. Though, there are only 12 colors, with there being 25 of each.

Quantity aside, these are also a quality choice, with the colors being rich and opaque. The texture is creamy as well, so you can draw and blend them with ease. Additionally, since they are water-soluble, they can be used both wet and dry, allowing for more creativity. These are great for beginners and experienced users alike.

  • The set contains a total of 300 oil pastels
  • The 12 colors that are included are rich and opaque
  • The texture is creamy, and they can be blended easily
  • They are water-soluble
  • They are safe for kids to use

  • There are only 12 colors in total
  • The tips can break if not used carefully

How to Shop for a Oil Pastel

There are a lot of oil pastels out there, and the differences can make it difficult to figure out which is the best for your needs. However, when you are shopping for oil pastels, there are some things that you can consider to make the search for the best set easier, including:

  • Experience: There are some sets of oil pastels that are easier for beginners to use, and they are usually less expensive. The opposite is true as well, with some sets being more technical and having a higher price tag. Even though you normally get what you pay for, there are plenty of great beginner options.
  • Colors: You also need to consider the colors you are purchasing. If you plan to do a certain type of art or work with specific references, then you need to make sure that a set has the colors you want. While you can blend and cobble something together, the more colors you have, the easier it becomes.
  • Texture: While the right texture and consistency might change based on experience or preference, it is important to pick oil pastels with a decent texture. Oil pastels with a good texture will be easier to handle.

There are plenty of things you might want to consider, such as whether they come in a good carrying case or whether they are water-soluble. However, the most important thing is whether a set fits your needs and preferences.

In Conclusion 

There are plenty of choices when it comes to buying oil pastels, but they are not created equally. However, as long as you know what to look for, you will not have any problem finding a great set. Just make sure that the set of oil pastels that you buy fits your preferences. After all, art should be fun.

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