The 8 Best Doilies of 2021

While many people think of something decorative on a table when they think of doilies, they are pretty versatile. Aside from being used as table decorations, they can be used to present food or improve arts and crafts. In this article, you will see various doilies that can be used for all kinds of different purposes.

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Criteria for Choosing the Best Doilies

There are many different doilies out there, and they are meant for a variety of things. However, despite their versatile nature, a few things need to be present for a doily to be worth considering. Here are a few of the reasons that the doilies on this list were chosen:

  • Craftsmanship: Whether made out of paper or more durable material, craftsmanship is important, especially for doilies. After all, their main purpose is decorative, which means that they need to look appealing. Therefore, the craftsmanship of the doilies on this list was carefully considered.
  • Durability: Some doilies are meant to be washed and reused, while others are made to be disposed of after use. However, whether they are a permanent fixture or a temporary one, they need to be durable enough to maintain their appearance and fulfill their purpose.
  • Design: In the same vein as craftsmanship, the design is important for doilies. They have to look good, though that does not mean that every doily needs to be intricate and complex. It is more important that the design is elegant and appealing.

Other things were also considered, though some of it depends on the kind of doily. For instance, doilies that can be reused must be washable and easy to get clean.

The 8 of Best Doilies of 2021

It might be difficult to find the perfect doily for you without looking around quite a bit. After all, there are numerous designs and materials, and while most doilies are round, there are different shapes. However, after looking at the doilies on this list, you should have a better idea of the types of doilies out there.

Hoffmaster Brooklace Lace Doilies

Dollies can be used for a lot of different purposes, and that is true of these Hoffmaster dollies as well. The Brooklace design is a versatile pattern that looks elegant when used to present beverages, hold desserts, and serve as a stylish addition to arts and crafts. They even have a clean, white appearance that looks great anywhere.

The thing that stands out most with these dollies is their quality. They are made from thick lace paper that will not fall apart easily. They also come in numerous sizes, starting at four inches and going all the way to twelve inches, allowing you to pick the perfect size or sizes for your needs. Plus, you get a massive number of dollies for a great price.

  • They have an elegant design that works in a lot of places
  • The high-quality lace paper holds up well
  • There are numerous sizes to suit every situation
  • The number of dollies for the price is fantastic

  • They tend to have a good bit of scrap “confetti” on them

Juvale Lace Doilies

If you want something that is both simple and elegant, these Juvale doilies are a lovely choice. These doilies have a beautiful appearance, with hollow-out designs and scalloped edges. They also come in three sizes, with the set featured here contained 50 of each. The dimensions are 6.5, 8.5, and 10.5 inches in diameter.

In addition to coming in multiple sizes, these doilies are also made using food-grade paper, making them safe to use with food. Therefore, they can be used in several ways, including serving and presenting food. Just keep in mind that they are meant to be disposable and can be easily saturated by things like excess oil.

  • The design of these doilies is simple yet elegant
  • There are three sizes in the set, being 6.5, 8.5, and 10.5 inches
  • They are made using food-grade paper
  • They can be used for a variety of purposes

  • They are vulnerable to things like oil, which transfers to what is underneath
  • They are very thin

Chuangdi 8 Pieces 6 to 8 Inch Lace Doilies

While the two doilies listed above are meant to be used and then disposed of, the doilies featured here are made to last. These doilies from Chuangdi are made from cotton, and they can be washed a reused as needed. Plus, they are more durable than temporary doilies and can easily hold up under things like condensation.

The doilies featured here come in a variety of elegant designs, with sizes ranging from six inches to 8 inches in diameter. Additionally, while the color of these doilies is beige, the same variety is offered in white. Therefore, whether you are looking for a durable, reusable doily for daily use or an elegant touch to a gift, these are a great choice.

  • These doilies are made from cotton and are reusable
  • They are durable and hold up well over time
  • The set features a variety of doilies from six to eight inches in diameter
  • They come in both beige and white

  • The craftsmanship can be a tad inconsistent

Juvale Gold Paper Doilies

If you want to add a shimmering gold touch to your decorations or presentation, then Juvale’s gold paper doilies are a fantastic choice. While they are disposable, they are high-quality and will easily do what you need them to without falling apart. They also have an elegant design that is ideal for presenting and serving desserts and sweets.

Moreover, you can rest assured when serving food on these doilies since they are made of food-grade material. They are also 12 inches in diameter, so you can fit a wide variety of things on them.

  • They are high-quality and work well for a variety of things
  • These doilies have an appealing gold color
  • The elegant design is great for desserts and sweets
  • They are made from food-grade material
  • Their size allows them to be used for a variety of things

  • They are easily crumpled and folded if you are not careful
  • There have been some complaints about quality control

Wilton 30 Count Grease Proof Doilies

Although doilies are often used with desserts and sweets, not all of them are good at dealing with grease and oil. These doilies from Wilton are different, with the paper used being made to resist grease. Therefore, they do not absorb or transfer moisture and food oil like many of the disposable doilies out there.

Aside from being suitable for food products, these doilies are great for decorating as well, with each of the 30 doilies in the pack having the same simple but elegant design. Therefore, they work well as decorative pieces or as a material for arts and crafts. These doilies are 4 inches in diameter, and you get them for a fantastic price.

  • They are grease-resistant and do not absorb or transfer moisture and food oil
  • The elegant, simple design is suitable for decoration and crafts
  • They are durable and hold up better than most disposable doilies
  • The price per doily is fantastic

  • They are very small doilies

TOSEEY 24 Vintage Hand Made Crochet Doilies

You cannot go wrong with cotton when it comes to high-quality, durable doilies, and the TOSEEY doilies featured here are 100% premium handmade cotton. The material makes them reusable and washable, though washing them by hand is recommended. They are also durable and can be used for decoration or DIY arts and crafts.

This set of doilies comes with a variety of pieces as well, having 12 different designs and sizes. You get two of each design and size, making there a total of 24 pieces that range from around two inches to around seven inches. Moreover, while the set featured here is beige, they can be purchased in white and a mix of beige and white.

  • They are high-quality, handmade cotton doilies
  • The material used makes them reusable and washable
  • There are 12 different designs and sizes
  • They can be purchased in white, beige, or a mix

  • They are handmade, so they are not all the same or made perfectly
  • There is not much use for the smallest size aside from in arts and crafts

Creative Linens Round Handmade Cotton Crochet Lace Doilies

There can sometimes be issues with consistency when it comes to handmade doilies, but these cotton doilies from Creative Linens do not have that problem. They are made with care to ensure the highest quality, and it shows in the craftsmanship. The design is lovely as well, having delicate hearts and an intricate pattern that works in many places.

These doilies come in a set of six, with each one being around ten inches in diameter, though it can vary slightly. They are also sold in 12-inch sets, and you can get them in both white and beige.

  • Each of the doilies is made with care, and the set is very consistent
  • The design is intricate and suits a variety of uses
  • They are sold in 10-inch and 12-inch sets
  • They can be purchased in both white and beige

  • There is some difference in size between the doilies
  • They are a bit thin

Linens, Art and Things 23-Inch Neutral Earth Tones Lace Doily

This doily from Linens, Art, and Things is an example of how impactful a doily can be. It is larger than most, measuring 23 inches in diameter, and it has a design and color that makes it stand out. Moreover, the neutral earth tones allow it to be used in many situations without it looking out of place.

It is not just an attractive piece, either. This doily is made from polyester, making it durable. And it can be washed as well, though a gentle wash and gentle tumble dry are recommended. Moreover, it requires little to no ironing, with you only needing to press out any creases after opening it. It really is an easy piece to care for and use.

  • The size makes it suitable as a table topper
  • The neutral earth tones allow it to be used in a variety of places
  • It is made from durable polyester material
  • It can be washed and ironed to be kept in peak condition
  • The brand offers matching items for a complete look

  • It is a bit pricey

How to Shop for a Best Doilies

While buying doilies might not sound like a complex task, there are quite a few things that you need to consider before making a purchase. Here are some things to consider when you are shopping for doilies:

  • Purpose: Why are you buying them? If you want something decorative around the house or something to use in arts and crafts, you have plenty of options. However, if you plan on using them with food, you will want paper doilies made from food-grade material. You might also want grease-resistant doilies.
  • Size: Size is another important factor to consider when shopping for doilies. It will require you to measure the surface or items you plan to use them with and plan accordingly. Fortunately, doilies come in a range of sizes, so you should not have any trouble finding doilies that fit your needs.
  • Color: While it might not be the first thing you consider, the color of the doilies you purchase is important. After all, they usually serve as part of a DIY crafts project or as decoration along with other things. For many uses, white will be a great choice, but there are a variety of options out there.

The most important thing to consider when you are shopping for doilies is why you are buying them. The purpose dictates a lot of what you will want out of a doily. After that, you simply need to think about the size before finding a design and color that suits your needs.

In Conclusion 

Doilies might seem simple, but they are surprisingly versatile. They work great as decorative pieces, and they can be used in a variety of arts and crafts to elevate things to another level. All you have to do is look around, and you are sure to find something that suits your needs, no matter what they are.

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